The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Giant Reptilian Audience Hall

The design of the Audience Hall of the Pope is shocking when you actually realize what the design of it reveals, the face of a snake.

The Audience Hall which is also called the Paul VI Audience Hall or Hall of the Pontifical Audiences is partially in Rome and partially in Vatican City.

The hall was built by Pier Luigi Nervi from Italy in 1971. The hall has to seat for 6,300 people and in it is a statue made of bronze called La Resurrezione, which was designed by Pericle Fazzini.

Pope’s Audience Hall: A Serpent God Temple?

What Makes The Design Of The Building Stand Out?

There does not sound anything remotely interesting about it all for those who are not followers of the Pope. So what it is that arouses interest and makes the design of the building stand out? Let’s talk about what is less strange to start with and then go on to the progressively weirder.

The architect designed the building with reinforced concrete and Nervi was known too for his practical designs that would be strong and which were built to last. There is the curvature of the building when looking down on it from above, and this might seem to be unassuming from the exterior. However, it does relate to the strangeness of the building.

Compare The Head Of A Snake With The Overall Exterior

The image below shows the building from the exterior and above, and it is compared with the shape of the head of a snake. Take a look at the shape overall, it is wide towards the back, narrower and rounded at the front, had two eye shapes in the middle, nostril at the front and a top that is curved, coming up from the front and down towards the back.

Two windows on either side of the building are what represent the eyes, and these were designed in stained glass and placed around halfway down the length of the building on both sides. There is what seems to be a slit in the middle of the window, or eye, which gives the appearance of a reptile’s eye.

Things start to get even stranger when both of the windows are viewed from inside the building. You can then begin to see that there are two reptilian eyes that are staring back when you look down towards the stage.

Two Reptilian Eyes, Sharp Fangs And Scales

Once you have seen the eyes in the design, allow the glance to wander down to the center onto the stage. There is a statue in the middle of the stage, and on both sides of this, there are two sharp and pointed fangs in white, coming down, while the roof of the building and the sides look like scales.

When you pull away and are given a long look down the walkways towards the stage, the hall takes on a presence that is even more menacing. The eyes, the curvature, scales and fangs all give the hall a look and the feel of the face of a snake.

Statue Shows Christ With Head Shaped Like Snake

In the center of the stage taking pride of place is a statue of Christ who is said to be rising from the atomic apocalypse. The statue was placed there in 1977, and there is something very unusual about the head of Christ. It is difficult to see when looking at the statue from the front, but from the sides, it looks like the head of Jesus is a snake.

If there was only one side of the head that gave the impression of a snake it could be called nothing more than a coincidence, however, it looks like it from different angles, and this is something that cannot be ignored. The statue must have been designed to look that way and it the planning and thought behind it would have been immense. There is also an obvious reason for the imagery.

The big question is why would a building be constructed in such a way that suggests the Pope is taking out of the mouth of a snake? There are seven different pieces that make up the snake or reptile symbol, if it were just one or two, then skepticism would have a place, but all seven of the pieces fit together perfectly and tell us that the design was intentional to look like a snake. So why does the symbolism of a snake exist?

Audience Hall Of Pope Linked With Deep State

Research has revealed that there is a Deep State that governs the world. This is a group that is made up of people that are beyond national identity, and they have control over the whole of the world. It has been said for a long time that extra-terrestrial influence has played a part. However, this is not all aliens, just the reptilian race. The reptilians have worked to influence planet Earth.

Now, this might sound very out there to many people, but there is actual evidence for the reality of aliens than people could imagine. There is a great deal of evidence that a Deep State has control over things. So it might be possible that the two realities are linked together, and the reptilian race could be working with the governments.

Reptilian Alien Race Influence Deep State

Government officials have stated that they know about aliens, even though they haven’t revealed it publicly. The Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, said that they did an investigation for three years and decided with certainty that four different species of aliens have been visiting Earth and they have done for many years.

The government’s knowledge about aliens is immense, and there have been whistle-blowers who have revealed this fact many times. The reptilian influence over the theory of the Deep State is not something that is new as it can be found in many cultures and traditions. David Ike has popularized it and been ridiculed for it, but there are millions who believe in his work.

But why is the symbolism used in the Audience Hall of the Pope? David Wilcock, a long-time occult researcher, said in an interview that the Illuminati or Elite must convey their true intentions to humanity. This is something that manifests itself during mass sporting events and in many symbolism found in society along with various industries such as music and film.

The Pope Speaks Out Of The Mouth Of A Snake

When you start to think about what the design of the Audience Hall of the Pope is saying, it is clear that the Pope is talking from the mouth of a snake. He stands in front of that mouth and talks the words of the Elite to those who listen. The Elite are telling us through symbolism that this is what is happening.

Many researchers have told us that Christianity and other religions control the masses. Religious stories are said to have some truth and convey messages that are helpful, but the overall purpose of them is to lead people into relationships with a spirit that dis-empowers. Religion is designed to take away power and control people.

Whether you believe this or not there is no denying that the Audience Hall of the Pope has the design of a snake head and the Pope stands at the front and center when delivering his talks.