The Characteristics of An Initiation Ritual

“Mark”, as in “the Mark of the Beast, in the Bible is translated “charagma” (Strong’s Concordance G5482); a scratch or etching, a stamp (meaning a badge of servitude; enslavement; a recognition of ownership), graven or mark. It’s derivative “charax” means to sharpen to a point and also describes “a stake”!

“666”, the number of the Beast, as described in the Bible, are numbers but when translated from the original Greek letters: “chi-xi-stigma”, also translates; a stamp denoting ownership. And as we already know in today’s language… “a stigma” can mean a mark of disgrace!

Therefore, a syringe very much satisfies the description of a thing that has a sharp point that would be used to insert a physical object under the skin marking you as a servant of Satan.

And if you’re still not convinced… consider this… the earliest use of the word “charagma” outside of the Bible described the piercing bite of a serpent….

God mentions how He has placed a seal ON “the servants of God”, well we know Satan desires to be like God, but Satan or an anti-Christ can only replicate God’s spiritual seal! They can’t mark our soul or spirit because that doesn’t belong to them, they are not our Creator. Therefore, the only way they could claim ownership, similar to how slaves, sheep or cattle were marked…. was by branding them or the way humans microchip their dogs… denoting OWNERSHIP!!! SO yes …. a new age technological A.I. form of that would be by placing a tracking/monitoring device under the skin! In this way Satan simulates “omniscience and omnipresence through technology!!!

Which is why the third angel of Revelation 14:9-11 offers a severe warning against anyone who receives the mark! Once you’ve taken it…. there is NO turning back!

Further, those who took the mark broke out in “festering sores” – Revelation 16:2…

Most egregiously, God biblical mandate to not mix species or DNA and commands that every species reproduce after its own kind Genesis 1:24-25, Leviticus 19:19, Deut 22:9-11. The Lord is very emphatic of this and was one of the main reasons He destroyed the world with a flood in Noah’s day!

Everything being done to bring about this “vaccine” seems to indicate it!. On March 26, 2020 Microsoft filed a patent for a body interfaced crypto currency, a human body implanted microchip to be connected to a cloud computer system harvesting biometric data.. Patent #WO 2020060606.

Put that together with Celeste Solum and the info she’s released regarding DARPA Hydrogel which may be included in the vaccination and like you already stated, for the “common good” no one would be permitted to refuse the vaccination and still be allowed to work a job, or do banking, to go to the grocery store, because an unvaccinated person could “reinfect” the entire population with Coronaviirus!!! Pretty clever reasoning and it’s really going to call for strength from God because most people are going to agree with the reason for taking it given how much fear that has been generated surrounding this!

“The basic elements in cultural transmission and transformation are psychological.”

Julian Huxley

This is how we change.

Since time immemorial, high rituals have been performed to transform reality. Ritual: a spiritual psychodrama of conscious, deliberate actions taken to facilitate change; changes to the whole of the environment people exist in, starting with the mental landscape of the people themselves. The place where our reality is first born a dream.

Artist Sharon Devlin once bluntly described the true purpose of ritual as being a method to alter one’s mind: “It’s a sacred drama in which you are the audience as well as the participant and the purpose of it is to activate parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity.”

The mechanics of change, change through mechanism, a rhythm to sync to, merge and flow with, a magnetic draw drawing one down the path toward transmutation.

Rituals are vehicles driving home those ideas — information, data, symbols — which, upon transmission and transformation, create the language by which new society members communicate after they are initiated.

This new language imparts a new understanding through definitions the ritual generates; meaning pegged to signposts of its own self-referential process, even if the original purpose is lost in the repetition of action. A ritual initiation introduces and inducts one into “the way” … a new way of life or worldview, a program to guide beliefs and actions enabling the initiate to become a full and true member of the new society.

Note that ritual is not always a conscious action; not everyone partaking in a ritual is made explicitly aware that they are participants… and yet still, new patterns of thought, of significance, are drummed in (conscious or not).

An initiation ritual typically involves three stages… and see if any of this sounds familiar to you.


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