The Best and Biggest Wins In Sporting History

As much as skill is involved in sports, sometimes, miracles do happen. If you don’t believe in miracles, you might need a trip down memory lane to February 22nd, 1980. This was when the United States Men’s hockey team defeated the Russians. This was one of the biggest wins in sporting history and was dubbed the “miracle on ice.”However, that’s not the only unexpected win in sports history that is worth attention. These spectacular moments have seen people win lots of money through betting which you might be able to achieve as well by choosing acca tips. With that said, let’s look at some of the best, and biggest wins in sporting history.

  • The Nationals outwit the Astros winning their first World Series.

If you are looking for one of the best and biggest wins in sporting history, you don’t have to think too far back. In 2019, the Washington Nationals was a team with almost nothing to show early in the season. Yet, they surprised everyone by winning the World Series with an impressive 6-2 finish in Game 7. With a not-so-impressive record of 93-69, the Washingtons were up against formidable opponents (the Houston Astros), with a whopping 107-55. 

From a 2-0 series lead to a straight loss of all its three home games, the Nationals faced an impossible task of having to surpass seven hurdles as a road team. Surprisingly, that’s exactly what they did. Not only was it their first World Series win, but it’s also the first time a road team would win all the games in a game-7 series in baseball history.

  • Leicester City wins the English Premier League.

From a sports betting angle, the Leicester city premier league win was one of the biggest you could imagine. Just before the football season kicked-off, Leicester city’s rating was so bad no one thought they could win the championship. They even escaped relegation by the whiskers the year before. A few English sports bookers had Leicester city at an odd of 5000-to-1 to win the league title; somehow, they still killed it. 

Thanks to their rock-solid defense and timely counter-attack, they clinched the title against everyone’s expectations. For a team that almost didn’t qualify to play in the first place, the magnitude of their win in 2016 was nothing short of discovering a new planet in the solar system. 

  • Roberta Vinci stops Serena Williams. 

In case you haven’t come across the name Serena Williams, she’s one of the greatest sportswomen with back to back titles in long tennis. Well, all of those accolades didn’t matter in the semifinals of the 2015 US open where she stood against Roberta Vinci, an almost unknown name in the world of tennis. 

What made it worse was that Serena was looking at a Grand slam right around the corner. It was a massive landmark for Vinci; perhaps one of the greatest as she retired in style a few years later. Her win over Serena was one of the biggest events in tennis history.

  • Sri Lanka shocked the Cricket world.

While sports fans know anything is possible, nobody saw this win coming. In June 2010, Sri Lanka was facing the English team in a cricket game, right on English soil. Note that his team couldn’t even boast of winning a test match series in England. With just two balls away from ending the game, Sri Lanka had a slim chance. But England’s last man, J. Anderson, was caught at leg gully. Naturally, the Sri Lankans were gripped with excitement. It was a match to remember and indeed a bad day for some sport betting fans.

  • Y.E. Yang takes down the Tiger

Tiger woods is another great sportsman history cannot forget, and undoubtedly a golf marksman. With a two-shot lead in the 2008 PGA championship, Tiger’s victory was almost inevitable as the game was already in the final round. Unfortunately for Tiger, Yang, an unknown name in golf, was somehow able to cancel Tiger’s celebration before it started. That happened when Yang closed with a birdie and a 3-shot defeat against Tiger woods.