The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Organic Food


Because we are aware that by following an organic diet allows for a more energetic lifestyle, extending this regime to our beloved pets is a wise step to take. Just as we develop a stronger immune system to combat colds, allergies resulting in a faster recovery that is evident in the long-term results, so too would organic foods enhance the lives of dogs.

Definition of Organic Dog Food

The labelling description is as strict as with human food guidelines which must adhere to the USDA’s code for the National Organic Program. Essentially 95% of the product’s ingredients are obliged to be organically grown minus the insertion of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers which implies that all dog foods such as meat, wheat, and rice are organic. Vitamins and minerals are not technically organic nutrients resulting in the packaging that cannot be affirmed as completely natural.

When purchasing these products it is quite easy to believe the jargon that is used on the design and find that your pet has overdosed on zinc additives or similarly an item is ‘fortified’ with synthetic B vitamins. This would invariably trigger a subclinical B vitamin deficiency. Research is paramount to understanding what is being ingested into our pets: it will also indicate to the lucrative pet industry that the public are no longer blind to their camouflaging marketing tactics.

If you are still unsure, and perhaps reticent to opt for organic pet food, consider the four main benefits that will help make up your mind.

Decrease in skin problems

Like humans, it is quite common for dogs to develop skin infections and allergies. After trying every treatment available and consulting your vet, reviewing diet is the final option. Pets are just as sensitive to nutrition as we are. Additional preservatives found within dog food can be the cause: an example of which is ethoxyquin (EQ), used to preserve most dry pet foods.

Within organic dog food, the ingredients are untarnished by the use of artificial flavor or color including chemical additives and pesticides that contribute to your dog’s allergies. Owing to the superior protein and grain content, the nutritional level provides an excellent source to protect and boost your dog’s immune system to both combat and hinder the infections while intensifying the immune system.

Less Digestive Conditions

With the combination of higher grains and proteins, the absence of chemical or artificial matter, the digestibility of organic dog food increases. Common signs that a dog is suffering after its meal intake are vomiting, diarrhea, wind and bloating: consulting a professional would determine the cause but a change of nutrition is the likely outcome. Changing the dog’s eating habits to an organic one will have immediate results.

Health Improvement

There is a direct correlation to the digestive system when an organic nutritional strategy is in place as the products contain less meat by-products or sodium pentobarbital residue normally found in commercial pet food. Through the correct energy quota, your pet is able to absorb the nutrients more easily and will need less than what was once served. Eating less allows for a dog to lose weight healthily and maintain a glossy coat.

White meats (chicken, turkey or fish) are a suitable alternative for your dog instead of the traditional corn or bulk fillers which are high in chemical additives: through a natural process within its digestive system, it will consume the right metabolic norm for its weight and size. Choose Nutro Natural choice with chicken and see the difference it will make.

An organic diet contains their appetite naturally allowing to excrete regularly without odors. There will be less visits to the vets and the bills that comes with it too!

Higher and Healthier Grade of Life

The effect on changing your pet’s diet will be mirrored in its deportment and general wellbeing which can be experienced in the natural daily course: walks will be longer and filled with more activity with a readiness to be involved in more exercise while showing the happiness that is expected from a healthy, loved pet. This will have the knock on effect of extending the longevity of your beloved dog well into a ripe age owing to its wholesome and nutritional diet.

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