The Accuracy of The Calories On Cardio Machines According To Trainers

If you are a fitness enthusiast who is concerned about burning as many calories as possible, you must have interacted with calorie counters on treadmills and elliptical trainers. In fact, most cardio machines have these features in them. These are a convenient guide on the number of calories that people burn, but frankly, they are rarely accurate.

Although manufacturers use well-researched algorithms to calculate them, there are many factors that may hinder them from giving accurate answers. According to professional trainers, people should know the following information about calories on the cardio machines.

Various Personal Factors

People do not burn calories at the same rate even if they use a cardio machine for the same time. So, when the cardio machines give similar results for two people because they each worked out on it for 30 minutes, it means that it is not accurate. Experts are clear that some people burn calories faster than others and this is hardcoded in their bodies.

·        Age – Younger people tend to burn more calories than seniors. Their bodies metabolize faster, which means that older people should work out for more time to burn the same calories.

·        Body size and composition – Newbies in fitness, just like those with a big body, have more fat. Hence, they burn fewer calories, and this will increase as the fat to muscle ratio decreases.

·        Fitness experience – People with experience in fitness tend to burn calories faster. Why? They are more consistent and aggressive, which is needed to burn fat fast.

Type of Machine

Some machines are more sophisticated than others. Simple machines assume that all people are the same and they only factor the time spent on it. Others ask the users some questions and check the weight before they are used. Such machines increase the accuracy of burnt calories, although they cannot be perfect.

According to trainers, these are professional machines that you should use, especially if you are a professional bodybuilder or athlete who uses legal steroids. Speaking of steroids and supplements for fitness, you can find more info about them from the web at any time.

Dealing with Calories on the Cardio Machine

It is now clear that calories on the cardio machine are often not accurate. You could be lying to yourself if you rely on the figures too much. Experts recommend using them as a guide but always assuming that you are burning fewer calories than what is on the display. This means that you have to work out more. This way, you will be on the safe side.

Another thing to do is consider other ways of checking the result. You could seek the help of a trainer to understand the time you need to work out to burn a certain number of calories.

Lastly, observe physical body changes after a milestone. Have a starting point by recording your weight and body measurements. You can then repeat this after a week and compare it.


Even with an inaccurate calorie figure on a cardio machine, you can improve your fitness by following the insights discussed above. There is always a solution to every problem and this one is not an exception.