The 9/11 Special Effects That Made It Look Real


Just wanted to convey a few thoughts on the predicament in which we find ourselves in this world of lies and trickery.

As many of us are surmising, this rabbit hole goes so much deeper than any of us can imagine.  We just don’t know what we don’t KNOW.  The moment any of us think we have it all figured out, we can be sure how very little we really know, and how arrogant we have become.  The rabbit hole has no end, I am starting to see.  At least no end that can be completely gleaned in this one lifetime.

We think we are here on a spinning ball, by accident, in the year 2016, because this is what we have been told.  They gain power by using science and technology as their main weapons against human self-knowledge and againt the freedom and prosperity that is the birthright of every one reading this now.

Black magic, alchemy, they used to call it.  Today they call it pharmaceuticals and education and religion and politics.  They call it war and they call it peace.

Words are spells, my people.

Maybe what we CAN agree on is the most important thing to dwell upon right now, at this most critical time, this pivotal and dangerous time for all of us on this Earth.

We can all agree that most of us are the same in many ways.  We love our families, our communities, our nations, our traditions and customs and heritage.  We love our ancestors.  They may not have been royalty or chosen ones (ahem), but they were our people and they mean just as much, or certainly more, than some satanic queen’s great grandma or some duke’s lizard-looking, pedophilic uncle.  Most of us come from good stock, so to speak.  We all should seek to keep our ways alive, wherever we may be, with the only rule being to do no harm and help others to achieve the same things we hope to achieve.

Our ancestors deserve our respect and for us to honor their sacrifices.  I had and have many members of my own family who served in the military.  Those no longer here would roll in their graves to see today’s men, and women, so compliant in the face of evil.  So spineless and so hypnotized by the trappings of the media, sports, drugs, alcohol, food, porn and any other fetish or obsession, all to distract these men, these warrior spirits, from doing what is in their nature to do.  Protect!

Their plans have worked perfectly, these psychopaths who are ruining this garden and enslaving all of our peoples, everywhere.  On every continent.

Wherever there is a private bank, a court of “law”, government schools and hospitals of any kind that practice allopathic treatments only, we know we are slaves.   Wherever interest is charged we know we are slaves.  Wherever a working man can be homeless, through no fault of his own.  Wherever free energy and cures for disease are suppressed.  Wherever children can be taken from good parents.  Wherever taxes are collected and behavior is modified under threat of violence, we know we are slaves.

We have all needlessly suffered the loss of loved ones due to barbaric treatments and the withholding of cures.  The entire ‘industry’ is bogus and guilty of murder every day, all day.

All of these things are UNNECESSARY and as such should be among the first things addressed in order to free humanity once all the corrupt and soulless traitors are removed and a new system is installed by and for regular everyday people.  One free from secret societies and lobbyists.  One free from isms and parties.  They have proven to be all too easily corruptible.  We don’t need a daddy or a mommy ruling over us.  That is a passe idea whose time has come and gone.  Good riddance.  Time for something completely different.