The 3 Biggest Dangers of The Impending Magnetic Field Shift

The sun’s polar magnetic fields are about to shift, and that means big effects on the third rock from our solar system’s center. Even though Magnetic Field Shifts happen every 11 years or so, they’re nothing to ignore. Here’s what the quickly coming solar magnetic polar reversal means for you.

What is a Magnetic Field Shift?

In very simple terms, a magnetic field shift is when the sun’s pole switch. Just like the earth, the sun also has polar magnetism. Since 1976, scientists have carefully observed the sun to study its polarity and have noticed they shift on a regular cycle about every 11 years.

Now, the sun’s magnetic field is ready to shift again, and that means big effects here on earth. Since the sun affects our entire solar system with its large magnetic field, this means huge waves of complications both on earth and for our neighboring planets.

What Does This Magnetic Field Shift Mean for us Humans?

The effects of magnetic fields due to the solar cycle are not a new discovery. In fact, for nearly 200 years scientists have known that the periods of greatest turbulence in human history coincided with the sun’s cycle. Much like how animals can detect changes in the earth’s magnetism, humans are also affected by magnetic shifts — even those by the sun.

In the coming months, these solar magnetic effects are going to influence our lives here on earth. Here are the top 3 dangers presented by the quickly approaching magnetic field shift.

1. Increased Rates of Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder

When the solar poles shift, there’s going to be an increase in geomagnetic activity, leading to increased depression rates. Since the pole shift will occur in the winter months (in half of the world, at least), this will also contribute to higher incidents of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This increase won’t be minor — it’s expected that these effects could increase 30-40%. In 1994, one study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggested that there was a 36.2% increase in hospital admissions for depression immediately after geomagnetic storms.

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2. Increased Suicide Rates

In addition to the increase in depression, suicide rates are tragically also likely to increase. A 13 year review of data from South Africa suggested a link between suicide and magnetic storms much like the ones we will experience as the solar poles shift.

Suicide is serious and often a tragic result of severe depression. If you find yourself finding suicidal thoughts, please seek help immediately — your daily cup of coffee may not be enough during this period of solar magnetic turbulence.

3. Increased Sickness, Excitability, and Other Changes

According to Russian scientist A.L. Tchijevsky’s “Index of Mass Human Excitability,” 80% of the most important events of human history happen during these solar cycles like the one we are about to experience. People are riled up! For reasons most humans aren’t aware of, we tend to get aggressive and even somewhat reckless.

Our general health is about to take a hit — at least for people sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Those at high latitudes may be at risk of cardiovascular health disturbances, and up to 15% of the population may be affected by these magnetic irregularities (at least in the opinion of Michael Rycroft, formerly head of the European Geosciences Society).

Is There Any Way to Protect Yourself?

While you can’t shield yourself from the effect of solar magnetism (it’s simply too big), you can be aware of this information and share it with people. Let people know why this year is going to be hard for those with seasonal affective disorder, depression and other emotional and mental challenges. Prepare yourself by using natural mood-boosting helps. Take especially good care of yourself, and try to stay positive!