The 28-Year-old Man Suffers From 16 Diseases Because Of Eating Instant Noodles

College students everywhere probably let out a collective…. Why? A study just released says one of their most beloved foods, ramen noodles, are incredibly unhealthy.

Ramen noodles are a staple for many people trying to eat on the cheap. They are filling meals for those who need something fast, easy and inexpensive. They can even be a quickie meal for vegans and vegetarians, if you buy the right brand and flavor.

That said, though, they’re apparently death in a crinkly little bag or cup, according to a new study by Baylor University researchers. If you eat a lot of ramen noodles, your risk of metabolic changes linked to heart disease, diabetes and stroke rise considerably.

South Korea: Ramen Noodle Capital of the World

Asians tend to eat more noodles than others, says the study. South Koreans in particular eat a heck of a lot of ramen noodles, as it turns out. They are per capita the population which eats more ramen noodles than any other country in the world — 3.4 billion packages in 2010 alone.

In the case of Peng Fei may make you reconsider your love of instant noodles.

Peng Fei felt very tired. He also had jaundice (yellow disease), even his eyes turn red.

He decided to call his mother to go to the hospital with him. After the medical examination, he was diagnosed with 16 different diseases such as liver failure, micronodular cirrhosis, intra-abdominal infection, high potassium, pleural effusion or cholecystitis.

After asking about Peng Fei’s usual habit, doctors concluded that his diseases was the results of liver dysfunction.

Now his liver is only capable of doing 1/3 of its function. When the liver is unable to perform detoxification well, it might affect other organs, then leads to a variety of diseases.

Peng Fei said that he started a new job at a fast-food restaurant, then he has to eat instant noodles because he was too busy with his job.

Moreover, he often stays up late to do extra shifts and smokes. These bad habits took place constantly for several years, which weaken his liver.

Finally, it causes a several damages and affected his other organs.

Occasionally eating a package of instant noodles clearly or staying up late one night won’t kill you, but when you make a habit of substituting convenience foods for real food and staying up late, it’s only a matter of time before health problems will likely develop.