“Thanks, Michelle Obama!” Students Everywhere Are Tweeting Their Grossest Lunch Pics

First Lady Michelle Obama has made headlines when by pledging to support “healthier” school lunches and exercise programs in a quest to end childhood obesity, but if these pictures are any indication, we may end up launching a war on anorexia in the near future instead.

Kids across the country have taken to the social media site Twitter in protest of poor quality school lunches, sharing pictures and capturing enough attention to send the hashtag (topic) #ThanksMichelleObama toward the top of the trending topics list.

While some schools are implementing promising new programs such as this district in Minnesota that’s removing GMO ingredients, others continue to serve some of the mystery “foods” you’ll see in the pictures below.

Eight of the Worst Lunch Pics from #ThanksMichelleObama

1. The Lonely Hot Dog- In this case a bun-less meal might actually be an improvement, since most of them contain high fructose corn syrup and even “yoga mat” chemicals. But the lack of a bun makes the hot dog itself stand out, and that is not a good thing.

2. They Call This “Spanish Rice,” Apparently- Posted by Twitter user Hunter Whitney, who came up with a more accurate name for this so-called “Spanish rice:” Mystery mush.

3. No Words- We’d consider holding a naming contest for this “dish,” but then we’d probably force you to stare at it for even longer. And that could have, well…untold consequences.

4. The Two-Roll Special- Are we still using the Food Pyramid, or is it a plate now? Regardless, it should probably include at least one thing that’s, you know, green, don’t you think?

5. Case of the Missing Bun- Remember the now-infamous missing bun from the first pic? Good news America, user @zoeappingfield found it! Here it is modeling the latest in genetically modified cheese-based  outerwear (#ThanksMichelleObama).

6. It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore- It doesn’t get any cheaper (at least in terms of meats) than sausages and hot dogs. #ThankstoMichelle Obama, the USDA, and all the other alphabet soup agencies pushing this “food,” it appears as if user Steve Stotlar was “lucky” enough to wind up with three of them in one meal!

7. #WhenAllElseFails- Give them corn dogs. Gotta make use of all that extra GMO corn nobody wants (including China) somehow, right?


8. I Can’t Even…- I just…I don’t…I’m done. I guess at this point I’m just #thankful I’m not these kids right now.

Say it with me everyone, #ThanksMichelleObama!

(In all seriousness folks, this isn’t just about the First Lady and her scathingly ironic organic garden anymore, this is about a system that is broken, a system that we can all work to change together with a strong commitment and the proper strategies).