Ten Consumer Products You Should Avoid

Most of the consumer products in conventional stores these days contain harmful ingredients that can destroy your health. These harmful ingredients are sometime listed in ways that make them hard to detect. The purpose of this is to prevent you from finding these dangerous ingredients. Many of these harmful ingredients are not lethal because they are not going to kill you right away, but in the long run they can help cause serious health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, sterility, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

The amount of consumer products that contain harmful chemicals are so overwhelming that one conventional store can carry over tens of thousands of these products. Many of these chemicals are intentionally put into products for mostly business purposes. It is all about saving as much money as possible even if it is harmful to consumers. Whenever a harmful chemical becomes well known, manufacturers would try to change its name to fool consumers. An example of this is aspartame which is now being named as AminoSweet. Manufactures will also try to use long scientific names to confuse consumers. These marketing strategies are designed to trick the consumers into buying their so called “safe and healthy products.”

Before you go shopping this weekend make sure you read the list below, because it will help educate you to avoid ten of the most popular consumer products that contain harmful ingredients.

Fluoride toothpaste 

Toothpaste that contains fluoride is dangerous to your health because it is a toxin. Before fluoride was introduced as a cavity fighter, it was used as a rat poison. The health claims about fluoride is very misleading. It does little to prevent tooth decay but does a great job destroying your thyroid gland, metabolism, and increasing your risk of cancer and sterility. Toothpaste that contains toxic ingredients, such as fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), will usually have warning labels on the back of its tube. On the other hand, toothpaste that does not contain toxic ingredients usually has no warning labels. Now, why would fluoride toothpaste manufacturers put warning labels on their product? The main reason is because they know that it is toxic. People have been known to die from swallowing fluoridated toothpaste. A good rule of thumb when buying consumer product is to look for warning labels. If the warning labels tell you information that is life threatening, you should avoid it, especially if it is something that you put in your mouth or on your body.

Bottled water 

According to researchers, about half of the bottled water in the market is filtered tap water. The laws and regulations that govern the bottled water industry are not very specific. As a result, bottled water manufacturers can easily manipulate their labels to mislead consumers. In many cases, chlorine is added to bottled water as a sanitizer to prevent organisms from breeding in the water. Chlorine is not dangerous in small amounts but it still affects your health. Another chemical found in bottled water that may even be more dangerous than chlorine is phthalates. High doses of phthalates have been known to disrupt hormones in rodents, and cause damages to the liver, testes and increase birth defects.


This product is one of the most popular consumer products. Chips contain a large variety of harmful synthetic ingredients. One of the most dangerous is monosodium glutamate (MSG). Have you ever wonder why after eating a bag of chips you get headaches? One of the main reasons is because most chips contain MSG which is an excitotoxin. Independent studies have shown a significant relationship toward Alzheimer’s and MSG. In animal studies, the animals that consumed large doses of MSG experienced permanent brain damage due to the destruction of their pyramidal neurons.

Corn products 

Most corn products in the United States, such as corn oil, flour, meal, starch, gluten and syrups are genetically modified. Corn that has been genetically modified is known to produce its own pesticides so insects cannot eat it. Genetic engineering is something that scientists is very poor at doing because they still have little clues to how genes truly work. Many of the studies done on genetically modified food lacked the concrete data to support their claims. Because of scientists immature and naive studies, the consumers are the ones that end up suffering from health problems. To avoid genetically modified corn products only buy the ones that are labeled non-GMO or organic.

Ice cream 

Most ice creams found in conventional stores are full of harmful synthetic chemicals. Three of the most popular synthetic chemicals found in ice cream are acetiel C17, benzyl acetate and pepernial. Acetiel C17 is an aniline dye that is used in the manufacture of plastic, rubber and pharmaceuticals. It is used to mimic the cherry flavor in ice cream. Benzyl Acetate is a nitrate solvent that is widely used as artificial strawberry flavoring. Pepernial is a chemical that is popular for killing lice. Pepernial is used in ice cream to mimic the vanilla flavor

Sugar free products 

A lot of consumers believed that sugar free products are healthy and great for preventing weight loss. These consumers have been tricked by the food industry. Sugar free products usually contained artificial sweeteners. The most popular ones are sucralose (also known as Splenda) and aspartame (also known as Equal, AminoSweet, NutraSweet). These two artificial sweeteners are considered by independent researchers as neurotoxins. Artificial sweeteners are great for causing weight gain even though they contain less calories. Artificial sweeteners are also found in baby products. If you have babies, please do not feed them baby food that contains artificial sweeteners.


One of the most dangerous ingredients found in soda is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS is not like regular sugar. Most HFCS has been genetically modified because it is a product of corn. Many studies have linked HFCS to obesity, heart disease and certain cancer. To learn more about how HFCS causes obesity please visit this site. Diet soda is even worst because it contains artificial sweetener which is great for causing weight gain and destroying brain cells. If you are pregnant, you should stay twice as far away from diet soda because you have twice as many reasons to not drink it.

Conventional shampoo 

Most of the shampoo in conventional stores are filled with harmful chemicals. The common ones are sodium lauryl sulfate and methylisothiazoline (MIT). Some of the chemicals found in shampoo are known to be harmful to the skin and hair. Some of them are even considered to be neurotoxins. If you are worried about going bald or having skin problems, you may want to avoid conventional shampoo. When buying shampoo read the ingredients list. If it contains the two chemicals I mentioned above avoid it.

Cow milk 

Got milk? I hope not. The health claims made by the dairy industry about milk are very misleading. They are designed to trick you into buying its product. Cow milk does little to strengthen bone. Cow milk is full of harmful chemicals, animal proteins and synthetic vitamins. In order for your body to effectively absorb calcium it needs assistance from vitamin D. The vitamin D in milk is synthetic and does not have all the necessary components to help your body effectively absorb calcium. The best source of calcium is not from cow milk but from plant-based food. Many plant-based food contains more calcium per calorie than milk, plus it contains other nutrients that are necessary for the utilization of calcium. Examples of plant-based food that contains more calcium per calorie than milk are: arugula, bok choy, turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, spinach and broccoli. For more information about bone health please read Bone Health: Truth and Myth.

Cell phone 

This consumer product is a little off topic but I decided to put it in the list because of its tremendous growth. Cell phone has changed the way we communicate so much that it can make us crazy when we go a day without it. Cell phone is a great technology but its manufacturers has lied to you about how it affects your health. One of the main problem with cell phone is electromagnetic pollution which is caused by scalar waves. Scalar wave is an electromagnetic longitudinal wave that is of multi-dimensional quality. It is one of the mediums that fills the empty space between all things. Scalar wave can be used for good or for bad. When scalar wave is used for good, it can rejuvenate the body back to its original state. It is very important for your health because your cells use this wave to communicate. Unfortunately, the scalar wave generated by cell phone vibrates at certain frequencies that are harmful to your cells. In the long-run, this may cause cellular mutations which can lead to cancer. To reduce electromagnetic pollution do not use your cell phone for too long. If you use your cell phone a lot, you may want to buy a wave shield for cell phone. This type of wave shield is designed to reflect most electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone.