Teen Vanishes After Saving Girl. 65 Years Later, She Notices Next Door Neighbor She’s Never Seen

On the morning of December 20, 1951, Kip Malone was walking to a store in Newfoundland, Canada, to buy butter for his mom. While on his way, Kip noticed a house on fire.

A grandmother screamed at him from the top floor of the blazing home. “Save the children!” she begged. Kip heroically ran into the smoke-filled house and found a terrified 5-year-old girl. He tried to pull her out, but she refused to go without her 3-year-old sister, who was nowhere to be found.

Kip wanted to take the girl and run, but a voice inside told him to keep looking for the younger sister. He swept his hand under one of the beds and incredibly, there she was.

He ran the two children out of the house and brought them to safety before continuing on his day.

Kip never stopped thinking about the two girls whose lives he saved, but he never heard another word about them. He didn’t know that the house fire killed the girls’ grandmother, and that their family never again spoke of the tragedy because it was too emotional and painful. The girls grew up never knowing who saved their lives that day, or even how they survived the fire.

Kip moved to Ontario, got married and raised a family. Nearly seven decades had passed before Kip and his wife moved back to Newfoundland to settle into retirement.

Shortly after the move, Kip’s new next-door neighbor, Margaret Fowler, knocked on his door to introduce herself. The pair got to chatting and both realized they were from the same area. Kip told her about the old house fire of 1951, and how he always wondered what happened to those two little girls.

Margaret felt chills down her spine.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next in this jaw-dropping story… it’s like something out of a movie.

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