Teen Puts Cancer Industry To Shame: Creates Accurate Cancer Test Using Google

The cancer industry may have just been shown up by a fifteen-year-old Maryland teen. Jack Andraka is part of a revolution – read on to learn more!

Jack watched a beloved family friend, who was like an uncle to him, die of pancreatic cancer – and decided to take action!

Andraka realized early detection was key – and something many people just didn’t have, as pancreatic cancer is often found late, and consequently has low survival rates after diagnosis; responsible for 34,000 deaths each year, pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of cancer death.

Current testing methods of pancreatic cancers are 60 years old, cost on average $800, and miss 30% of all pancreatic cancers. Andraka’s test, on the other hand, represents a real break-through:

  • 168 times faster
  • 26,000 times less expensive
  • 400 times more sensitive than the current standard of detection
  • He did his research using Google and Wikipedia as his primary research tools — online resources that are available to virtually anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

The cost for his test? Three cents! Additionally, his test only takes five minutes, and has a much higher accuracy rate.

Please take the time to watch the video below:

Jack Andraka’s test is still in the clinical testing phase, and probably won’t be available to the public for at least 5-10 years. Every treatment or medication must go through a very thorough series of testing before the scientific and medical communities can be sure of its effectiveness and safety enough to use it, but it sure is a promising break-through!