Teen Has A 6th Sense To Head Outside, Stumbles Upon Disturbing Scene

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ryan Boyce was standing on his porch and he heard a loud crash. His family inside also heard the heart dropping noise. He told a local news station that they heard a motorcycle driving at a very high rate of speed. Then, they heard intense screeching, a large crash and they instantly knew it was an accident.

Boyce and his family immediately sprang into action and called 911 to let police know that an accident had occurred nearby. However, that night of the accident, the car involved could not be located. Boyce decided to help the police out a bit. He and his family went out on their own to look for the crash site.

It was the next morning and Boyce said that he and his brother were unable to shake the feeling that there was someone somewhere nearby that was hurt. He remarked that the people in the car could be dying. By himself, Boyce hopped in his own vehicle to find the crash site and he did. As soon as he found it, he called the police again to give them an exact location.

Authorities were in for a bit of a surprise when they came upon the crash site. They found two bodies, one an adult female and the other a little girl of just nine years old. Surprisingly, the child was still alive.

Boyce feels very fortunate that he was able to find the crash site and he said that had he waited a minute longer, there is a chance that the lone survivor might not have survived. He does not know who they are, but he made it a point to offer prayers to the little girl and her family whoever they might be.

While the child was in serious condition, she was rushed to the hospital to have her injuries assessed and treated. Once officers were able to identify the two victims, they determined that they were Zoey Mattingly who was nine and Tera Mattingly who was just 29 years old.

Readers saw this story and were incredibly grateful for the bravery and persistence that Boyce displayed. Had it not been for him, the child might not have survived. In fact, locals, and others around the country who read about this story, are saying that Boyce is responsible for saving Zoey’s life.

Many readers offered blessings to Boyce and his family for not giving up after hearing the terrible crash that night. He is being credited with listening to his sixth sense and not giving up. Of course, there are others who while praising Boyce, want to know why the police took a quick look and left that night. They feel that had the police looked harder when Boyce initially reported the accident that the child would not have had to lie there all night waiting to be rescued.

No matter how the situation played out, it is safe to say that Boyce is a hero and the family of Zoey are surely grateful for his persistence.