Teen Girl Infects 324 Men With HIV On Purpose

A Kenyan woman caused widespread public outrage after she posted information on Facebook saying how she intentionally infected men with HIV.

The 19-year-old teenager, who is a student at Nakuru’s Kabarak University, has admitted to intentionally infecting 324 men to date.


She posted her confession of the Kenya scandals Facebook page. She also confessed that she set herself a target of infecting no less than 2,000 men with the virus.

The teenager, who wanted to remain anonymous, disclosed that she got infected with the virus by a man she met at a disco.

She said that she went to a dance club and got drunk with several senior students. When they came back, they went to a hotel party. When she arose the following morning, she found herself next to a man called Javan.

She then asked the man if they had intercourse the night before, and when the man said yes, she asked him if he had used a condom. Javan replied “Yes.”


However, the teenager found sperm near her privates while taking a bath. She wrote on the Facebook page that she wanted to commit suicide and that she was scared that she may have been infected with HIV or became pregnant.

Later on, when she got tested, she was told that she was, in fact, HIV positive.

She wrote that her life was ruined, and somehow, someone had to pay.