Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It”: Decoding Illuminati Symbolism of The Occult Path

I analyzed Taylor Swift’s new video, Ready For It, it was clear that this shows us she is being chosen as a candidate for the Illuminati occult path. We examined Taylor and her path to the occultism that I predicted would become evident in her Reputation album back in the article Is Taylor Swift in the Illuminati?…so now it seems we’re finding it to be more true.

All Seeing Eye of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s video starts out by showing us the mechanized eye. Notice that this is the classic symbolism of the All Seeing Eye:

The All Seeing Eye holds many meanings; but basically it signifies the candidate is awakened to the new way of being. They have been enlightened into the ways of the occult (as we’ll explore here soon).

A more interesting consideration is that they show us the right eye. This signifies the Eye of Ra (as opposed to the left- Horus). We’ll see how that is important when the transformation begins to take place in this video…

Shape Shifting- Alters of Taylor Swift

In the video we see Taylor dressed in black as she approaches the main room. She sees a version of herself inside of the glass cube (more to come on that…).

This alter ego shifts through various forms. First, the reptilian/alien version:

Then the transhuman robotic entity:

And finally the white transhuman entity that has some… interesting capabilities…

Meaning of the Alters

Taylor rotates through alters- much like we saw from her first video Look What You Made Me Do

The alters are different aliases that these celebrities hide behind. Some claim they are victims of a mind control abuse system (e.g. MKULTRA) which forces them to create amnesic barriers to hide behind. Given all of the Weinstein-esque abuse scandals I think there’s more traction to this theory than many realize.

In Look What You Made Me Do she infamously said the old Taylor was dead, and back then I postulated we’d see this kind of rebirthing- so Ready For It only confirms what we all could’ve predicted.

Luciferian Influences

Getting back to the video; we see the “old” Taylor being confronted by “new” Taylor inside of the glass cube. We see symbolism of a serpent slithering up the face of Taylor (*towards her right eye).

This represents the influences that are creating this “new” Taylor Swift. They are Luciferian meaning they believe the serpent in the Garden of Eden was the true benefactor of mankind. Much like the story of Prometheus, they believe the Luciferian force should be embraced in the process of enlightenment.

To add more into this, previously we saw the emphasis on her right “All Seeing Eye” of Ra. How curious is it that the symbol of Ra with the sun disk from ancient Egypt also has the serpents (and represents the feminine powers as Ra’s counterpart)?…

I find it curious that we also saw this in Westworld with its Gnostic themes that also showed us the Luciferian influences in the form of the “Lord of the Flies” crawling towards the eyes of the awakened robotic entities.

Behold a Pale Horse

The white horse of the apocalypse represents death. This is quite fitting because old Taylor is in fact dying.

The process of death in this video was grossly overlooked by the mainstream media.

I’ll explain this in much more detail so it’s crystal clear…

Alchemical Reconciliation of Opposites

This concept may be a bit much, so I’ll keep it simple. In the occult practice of alchemy one can become enlightened or more advanced by “reconciling the opposites.” This is represented by many symbols, including the twin pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life or the black and white symbolism on the floors of Freemason Lodges (called “Moses Pavement”).

We see this happen in the video when “old” Taylor dressed in black reaches out to the “new” Taylor in white:

To further prove the point that “old” Taylor is dying; we see a literal death brought on by “new” Taylor:

The destruction of “old” Taylor by “new” Taylor is conducted with the powers of lightning, which is yet another symbol of Lucifer since he “fell like lightning” from the Heavens:

Saturn: The Dark Lord

In my new book The Dark Path I talk about how ALL of this fits together. It goes back to an original occult belief in a “dark lord” that was the planet of Saturn.

Saturn is a symbol but the basic primer is that it is represented by the cube. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that “new” Taylor is shown inside of the cube:

Freemason Enlightenment

We spoke about the reconciliation of opposites earlier; meaning Taylor is becoming a new entity that is “awakened” by the ways of the occult.

It couldn’t be any clearer than how the video ends:

We see the “new” Taylor- fully reconciled and walking up the stairs towards the “light.” This is symbolic of Freemasonry which shows the initiate progressing upwards through the rites of Freemasonry.

The Freemason literature (mostly Albert Pike) references inspirations of Luciferian guidance towards the light. To play Devil’s advocate; the Freemasons claim Pike was a bit off.

The Grand Lodge of British Columbia tried to clarify it on their website:

“The emphasis here should be on intent. When Albert Pike and other Masonic scholars spoke over a century ago about the “Luciferian path,” or the “energies of Lucifer,” they were referring to the morning star, the light bearer, the search for light; the very antithesis of dark, satanic evil.”

Regardless of this Lucifer-Light argument, I believe the video is showing us that Taylor Swift is truly reborn into something new- a puppet of the Illuminati…

One more finding…

Thanks to commenter Bianca; we can ALSO see an interesting message that seems relevant since we’re close to Samhain…

In Conclusion

Taylor Swift isn’t particularly “evil” but I do believe she is being used as a conduit to steer the masses down the path of Luciferian guidance.

She is being used by the movement known as the “Illuminati” that seek to instill certain themes, messages, and symbols into our world.

They want to take us down the path of transhumanism which leads to man becoming “god” through digital consciousness efforts.

If you want to understand why all of this is happening and learn some REAL truths of the occult beliefs of the “Illuminati” you WILL NOT find it on YouTube or some of these other bloggers. I took the time to cite and reference real literature that supports these arguments from a non-fear based perspective.