Taipei’s New ‘Forest Bus’ Is The Best Bus In The World

Commuting can be a soul-crushing experience because of the traffic, the people, and the monotony of the whole process. But some designers in Taipei are showing that it can better through an art installation that has temporarily transformed a city bus into a mobile solarium complete with ferns, orchids, lilies, and moss-covered seats.

Taipei’s “forest bus” is the brainchild of designer Xiao Qing-Yang and florist Alfie Lin. They converted a 20-seater city bus into an enchanted forest filled with plants that are native to Taiwan as a way of celebrating green spaces and adding elements of nature to the travel routines of city commuters.

“I hope the public will feel that it’s a beautiful and interesting experience, “ Lin told AFP. “They can smell the scent of summer on the bus and see the vibrant green plants to feel messages from nature.”

The bus route goes through a baseball stadium, a museum, a temple, and several markets to give both tourists and locals a chance to enjoy the mobile forest. It’s only running for a limited time, but many commuters hope it becomes permanent.

“I feel happy and relaxed on the bus smelling the flowers and plants,” local commuter Celine Wei told AFP. “I hope it can become a regular service on a double-decker. It would become something special to Taipei.”

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