Tai Chi Master ‘Who Can’t Be Hit’ Takes On MMA Fighter In Epic Fight

In modern society Tai Chi is promoted as a relaxing pastime, but as an ancient martial art can the discipline compare to modern combat sports?

To draw a definitive comparison self-proclaimed Tai Chi master Wei Lei went toe-to-toe with Chinese MMA fighter/coach Xu Xiaodong.

So how did the flowing movements stack up against raw punching power? You be the judge…

Well that was pretty conclusive.

Yes, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wei and his ‘thunder-style’ martial arts were entirely undone by a stumble.

One false step and he was on the floor with Xiaodong raining down hammer blows almost begrudgingly.

Wei commented to Legal Evening News after the fight:

He didn’t hit me when I was standing. I only got hit when I fell on the floor, and I didn’t get hurt.

Some might argue the MMA fighter’s superior footing and higher aggression exposed his opponent’s lack of stability, Wei probably isn’t one of those people.

Xiaodong, AKA ‘Mad Man’, looks set to continue his crusade against traditional martial arts with this victory certainly lending weight to the idea that MMA is more effective in modern combat.

What do you guys think?