Syrian Man Feeds Berlin’s Homeless To Repay German Hospitality

In August, Germany made a tremendous show of hospitality when it defied European Union rules and continued to welcome Syrian asylum seekers regardless of their entry point into the political bloc.

Since then, Alex Assali, a Syrian man who lives in Berlin, has been setting up meal stations to feed the country’s homeless in an effort to “give something back to German people.”

Assali told The Huffington Post that he fled Syria in 2007 after posting critical messages about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad online. After spending a few years in Libya, he arrived in Germany in 2014.

Since August, he has been setting up meal stations in different parts of Berlin to serve free food to the city’s homeless. According to The Telegraph, Assali sets up outside of the Alexanderplatz station every Saturday and serves hot meals to about 100 people.

THATS ALEX! A big shoutout to him this morning, Dieser Mann beeindruckt mich zu tiefst! Seine Geschichte ist nicht…

Posted by Tabea Bü on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Assali’s friend Tabea Bü posted an image of him on Facebook, which was posted on Imgur. It has gained more than 2.8 million views at the time of writing.

“He really has lost everything; he had to leave his family back in Syria because people wanted to kill him,” Bü wrote in the post, translated to English by The Telegraph.

“Even though he doesn’t have a lot, he goes on the street and distributes food to the homeless.”