Synthetic Vitamins vs. Organic Vitamins

So, you’ve been taking your vitamins for years and you can’t live without them? Well, if you’re sitting there right now, still in pain, still suffering from several diseases or symptoms that are probably getting worse with each passing day, then you might want to rethink your disease prevention plan. I have met thousands of people over the years and almost every single person takes a vitamin or supplement every day, yet almost every single one of those persons have remained sick for years and now take pain-pills.

Isn’t Taking Vitamins Supposed To Prevent Illness?

This is the reason why you and anyone else out there takes vitamins, right? To prevent illness of course. But what if you are not preventing illness, but actually continue to get worse, despite your faithful loyalty to your favorite vitamin or supplement brand.

There Comes A Time In Your Life When You Must Care More About The Results Than Loyalty To Any Brand.

Is it easy to step back and look at what you have been swallowing every day and then actually research each and every ingredient to confirm each and every ingredient in your vitamin product is indeed healthy and therefore demands your respect? Or will you just continue in the hopes that one day that very common ingredient found in most all synthetic vitamin products, i.e. magnesium stearate or stearic acid, could ever be healthy?

That’s a choice only you can make, but your current state of health is in fact the result of every decision you have made for your health up to this point. So, if you’re sick, if you’re in any pain or feel any symptoms, then it’s time to do the opposite of what you think is healthy or at least do something different.

You wouldn’t keep buying the same stock on the stock market if the result is always bad, would you? Then why do it when it comes to your health? You deserve to consistently improve your health daily and actually feel the improvement consistently.

Only consistent improvement is deserving of your loyalty, otherwise your constant loyalty to a brand that doesn’t prevent your illness or pain, would be called “blind loyalty”. And who wants to go through life blind? I don’t and I’m sure neither do you.

That Being Said, Let’s Look At The Differences Between Synthetic Vitamins And Organic Vitamins.

Synthetic Vitamins: Created in a laboratory; made from GMOs and/or synthesized, not real nutrition and depletes your body of nutrient reserves, which creates malnutrition.

Real Organic Vitamins: Not a pill; not cooked; not processed, not an extract or concentrate, but is actually 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free whole food nutrition, which means your body assimilates all 100% of every single vitamin, mineral, enzyme, probiotic and protein in that food.

I know what you might be saying to yourself right now..”but real organic vitamins just means I’m eating food.” Yes, that’s right! But not just any food and not even the healthiest food you can buy at the health food store, either. The “Real Organic Vitamins” I’m talking about is not sold in any health food store anywhere here, not even at your local farmer’s market.

The soil healthy enough to grow truly 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free food that is full of powerful nutrients that all synthetic vitamin makers fear, I’m able to give to my own family and friends. Now, I can share this very special and very rare food with you that provides you more absorbable nutrients from A-Z than all the ‘vitamin products’, ‘probiotic products’, ‘mineral products’ and ‘protein products’, combined!

Yes, That’s How Special Real Organic Vitamins Are! And You Can’t Buy This At Any Health Food Store, So Don’t Bother.

But I know exactly where to find this rare, very nutrient-rich whole food that has saved thousands of lives already.

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