Swarm Of Giant Hornets Kills Wheelchair Bound Japanese Woman, 87, By Stinging Her 150 Times In 50 Minute Attack

A wheelchair-bound Japanese pensioner has died after being attacked by a swarm of giant Asian hornets.

Chieko Kikuchi, 87, was being taken back home from a nursing facility in western Ehime Prefecture when a swarm of the insects descended on her.

A carer, who was escorting her at the time, and paramedics who were called to the scene watched helplessly as she was stung 150 times in a 50-minute ordeal.

After the ordeal, which lasted around 50 minutes, the woman was rushed to hospital but died the following day, the firefighter said.

‘It was an unusual operation for us,’ he admitted.

A forestry agency official said hornets often attack people when their nests are affected.

‘To avoid getting stung by hornets, you should keep away from their nests, wear protective jackets and use a wasp killer spray,’ the agency official said.

Some 20 people die from hornets stings every year in Japan, according to public broadcaster NHK.



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