Survival Tips Everyone Should Know

Staying alive means you need to recognize danger, feel fear, and react. Here’s what you need to know if you want to survive.

Cell Phone

If you’re out in the woods and get lost, a cell phone can really come in handy. However, what happens if you fall and your phone gets broken? Luckily, you can go to sites like and get a screen protector and case for it so that it will be protected from things like that. A broken phone will be of no use to you when your life depends on it.

Outsmart Wildlife

Even YouTube survivalist channels can be helpful when it comes to surviving in the wild or in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. If there ever comes a time when you’re face to face with an animal in the wild, you’ll be safer if you know what to do, and some of those channels will show you just that.

However, you can avoid that possibility by taking a few precautions. You should stay away from waters where sharks are known to be. When you’re out hiking, you should carry repellant pepper spray. This can stop a charging bear even as far as 30 feet away if you get the right kind. If you want to reduce your risk of being attacked, allow the bear to get out of your path. Try to remain in the open. If you do find it necessary to move through the brush that’s thick, make as much noise as possible by shouting and clapping.

Family Survival

Even when you’re just going to the cabin on the lake with the family, disasters can still happen. You need to have a family survival system in place, just in case. For example, in 2013, a man was on the dock in Kentucky at Rough River Lake. He noticed his dog in the water in distress. So, he jumped in to try and save the dog. The dog and the man both drowned. They were victims of ESD (electric shock drowning). Cords that had been plugged in on the dock had fallen into the water, essentially electrifying it.

The number of deaths each year from this is the US aren’t known because they’re counted as drownings. However, if you pay attention to anecdotal evidence, they don’t seem to be uncommon. There are actually ESD prevention groups that have been successful in getting a few states to enact some safety standards, that include installing a central shutoff for the electrical system of docks and installing ground fault circuit interrupters.

Stay on Dirt

One prepper tip that’s for those who include an ATV in their prepping is to keep it on the dirt. There have been more than a few cases of ATVs going from the dirt to pavement and flipping.

The tread on ATV tires is high traction and these will grip the road tightly and can cause it to flip when coming off a dirt track.

To avoid this, keep your ATV off the pavement. Knobby, soft tires were designed for traction on ground that’s uneven and can have unpredictable behavior on the pavement. In some instances, the tires will grip just enough to flip the vehicle. If you do find yourself needing to cross a road to get or stay on an approved trail, make sure you go in first gear and straight across.

Survival isn’t too tricky if you use your head and think about things before you do them. This includes making sure you’re prepared for anything that can happen to you at any time. You never know when you might be stranded somewhere or when a disaster will occur.


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