Surveillance Cameras Capture a Chinese Mother Abandoning Her Own Baby At A Car Park

The baby was in extreme danger as cars sped past.

While some women could only dream of becoming a mother, there are heartless people who choose to throw away their children because they suddenly felt that parenting is not for them. Some mothers who abandoned their children claim that they could no longer support and raise their children because of poverty—but that does not excuse them from committing crimes against these helpless babies.

In an underground car park in Guiyang City, China’s Guizhou province, an unidentified woman can be seen abandoning a baby as traffic sped past. The child was alive, and was trying to crawl out of the roadside where his mother had left him.

Thankfully, a passerby comes to the child’s rescue as the footage cuts. According to reports, the passerby was an employee of the car park who had heard the child’s screams. She took the child to the police station.

Authorities are now looking for the child’s mother.