Surprising Mysteries That Science Just Can’t Explain

There was a time when every incident, occurrence or thing was to be accepted without any explanation. But, today everything is changed, as we always turn to science when one needs a logical explanation.

However, there are still few mysteries in life that science just can’t explain. Let us check out what they are.

Cat Purr

It is believed that a cat purrs when they are content and comfortable, right?


Although there is no scientific evidence on why or how they purr, it is suggested that the purring vibration starts in the vocal chords and can possibly accelerate the healing process for the cats while minimizing pain at the same time.



As per the data collected by Google Earth in 2008, scientists established that cows position themselves in a north-south direction when eating.

Although the scientists do not know the reason for this they believe that the cows align themselves along the magnetic fields when grazing.

Jelly Rain

In August 1994, there were chunks of translucent gelatinous rain over the city of Oakville, Washington. It was observed that this strange substance was jelly-like and felt squishy to touch.

Following this rain, some folks from the town came down with symptoms of nausea and dizziness. On closer inspection by the scientists, it was determined the chunks consisted of two types of bacteria, one of which is present in the digestive system.But the chunks remain a mystery till date.


Dark Matter

The only explanation provided by scientists for Dark Matter is that the earth is supposedly made of this mysterious invisible substance.

But there is no conclusive evidence yet on the dark matter that is accepted by most scientists.


There has been a debate on the number of planets since the time from when Pluto was excluded from the list.


For now, it is 8 planets if we exclude Pluto.But, could there be more planets that we don’t know about?

Left Handed

Scientists say that left-handed people and right-handed people can be influenced by the environment they grow up in, though there is no scientific proof why some are left handed and some right.


Even if few scientists believe genes play a part in the decision making, there is no left-handed or right handed gene confirmed for now.



Scientists still don’t hold a plausible explanation over the Megafauna, the giant animals that disappeared over 10,000 years ago.


Although there are theories suggesting that mega-fauna became extinct due to environmental or even ecological factors.



The causes of dreams have been debated among the scientists from time immemorial.

There are theories that suggest the dream images come from brain waves, while others say that they come from our subconscious minds, thoughts, desires, and problems. Another unsolved mystery.




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