Summer Trends To Get Behind in 2020

Fashion is a fast-paced world, which makes it hard to keep up with every new trend that pops up. This year promises diversity with what we can wear, which means you are bound to stumble upon something you’ll love. Here are the top 2020 fashion trends that invoke the tone of a new era.

Out-of-the-box Necklines

Necklines are often an overlooked part of clothes but an easy way to add an update to them. 2020 is seeing a lot of structural changes to these parts of garments that add a new silhouette to an everyday piece and gives it a new dynamic. Brands are playing around with round, square, and sweetheart necklines, and some send us right back to the Victorian era but with modern updates. The fun extends to pieces with collars, and it seems like all variations are fair game this year.

Legs on Show

Diverse hemlines are back, and they are ranging from super short shorts to longer-than-usual ones such as Bermuda shorts, especially as suits. With everyone trying to put an exciting twist to the classic suit, a lot of high street and regular brands have made the Bermuda short the star of the show for this purpose. The brief is the perfect blend of nine-to-five and last summer’s bike shorts. On runways, this trend was showcased with knee-high boots. This goes to show it will take over fall as well. The boxy blazers paired on top bring back a nineties vibe that reminds us of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Although the film’s red pantsuit has been criticised over the years, it appears to have reemerged with a vengeance. Especially with free slots no download

Short short short pants are also staging a massive comeback in 2020 since they first graced the streets in the fifties. Back in the day, they were regarded as a disgrace and frowned upon. Today, designers are giving them a triumphant update in denim, leather, metallics, and a whole other lot of options. This trend applies to skirts as well. Mini skirts reigned supreme in most runways this season, and so did maxi skirts. Most long skirts came with long slits, which is something that is predicted to hit the streets quickly.

Floral Prints

Floral prints were blooming on the runway and are bound to thrive on the streets as well this summer. The bigger, the better, but within reasonable limits. Also, pulling off the trend requires some mastery. Go for florals that are about three-five inches per flower, or no larger than the span of your hand.

Florals are best placed on garments with structures and silhouettes that are moderately sized, which creates an understated yet bold look. That way, you do not have to reserve the patterns to big occasions. Nonetheless, you still have to find smart ways to work such pieces into your closet. Going big on an article with floral designs that are already larger-than-life can make your outfit too over the top. Make things easier on the eye by toning down one or the other, and for the sake of a fashion statement this summer, let it be the garment.

All Kinds of Stripes

The stripes trend never left, but they are here to slay in 2020 rather than sit on the sidelines. Vertical stripes will take the lead on this trend since they flatter any body type. Like with florals, a rule of thumb applies when incorporating this trend into your wardrobe to avoid looking like a hot mess. Two is the maximum number of prints that can be mismatched. Therefore, pair one stripe pattern with florals or other prints without going for a third. Such mixes make things fashionably off-beat and not look like you are about to have tea with the Mad Hatter.

Peeking Lingerie

In 2020, underwear will serve as outerwear with bras becoming the tops themselves. The pieces do not have to be worn on the outside and can be peeking through. Lingerie is also expected to inspire interesting twists on everyday clothes to add the feminine touch these garments carry. Think silk, slip dresses, and lace to replace the usual cashmere, cotton, and polyester fabric found in most clothes. Lingerie might not make it to the real world as simply underwear worn right beneath a jacket as it is showcased on runways. However, it will definitely morph into a trend that can be rocked on the streets and still speak of the highly empowered woman it represents.

Wafty Whites

The colour white is a crucial part of everybody’s wardrobe, which is why it never goes out of fashion. If there is anything universal in the world of style, it has to be the simple white tee. Even so, the colour white mostly appears on bland pieces, unless they are wedding dresses, which is why it is getting significant updates this year that bring back the classics. Designers took the simple pieces that we are already used to and added pattern mixes and embellishments while cropping and ruching where necessary. The result was lots of white shirts, T-shirts, and dresses with bold touches like puff sleeves, bows, and flowers. The garments proved that 2020 is the year for white ensembles to be anything but basic.

The Neon Comeback

Neon was big last summer, and it appears to be even bigger in 2020. A lot of fashion designers debuted a full-on display of rainbow ensembles that cemented the trends’ place in this year’s hot summer trends. The bright and bold pieces are a considerable representation of optimism in the fashion world, which is why it is bound to stick around for some time.

Making neon part of your wardrobe is not easy, especially if you are faint-hearted. However, the colours you choose for streetwear do not have to be as bright as those showcased on runways. Instead of diving into bold shades like neon green, which tend to be intimidating, opt for monochromatic tones. You might just discover that you are not scared of it once you give this trend a shot.

In Brief

Fashion is a dynamic sector that is continuously changing. These trends will ride out the waves and stick around for a long time. Some like Bermuda shorts and bold colours are predicted to be around even long after the season has passed.