Suge Knight Claims: ‘Tupac Is Still Alive’

Twenty-one years ago, the legendary US rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur died after being shot in the street in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. Since then, conspiracy theories and images have repeatedly emerged to prove that the rapper is still alive.

Now the man who was sitting in the car with Tupac, when the shots were fired, speaks out and makes for the most bizarre story of the year! In an interview with the American TV station “Fox”, music mogul Suge explains that he is in life imprisonment for murder and cannot explain why his former best friend should not live anymore.

“When I left this hospital, Pac and I were laughing and making jokes. I can’t understand how someone’s state of health can change from so good to so bad.” When asked if he believes the rapper is still alive, Suge replies,”I tell you, you never know with Pac.”


Incidentally, the music mogul is not alone in his opinion that Tupac Shakur could still be alive. A former policeman recently claimed that he had been paid 1.3 million euros to fake Tupac’s death.

The official put the following words on record: “The world needs to know what I’ve done. I’m ashamed to have exchanged my honesty for money and I can’t die without the world knowing it “