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Stunning Facts You Might Have Underestimated What The Human Body Can Do

A thing of beauty and likewise a thing of wonder –that is the human body! Prepare to be dazzled and and even bewildered on the following amazing tidbits on what our body can do compared to the rest of the creatures on the planet! Yes you can even compare its “specs” to that of non-living things! Next time you are belittling your body or you got a simple wound, review these articles again!

1. The human eye’s focusing muscles move around 100,000 times in a day. A walk of 50 miles is needed to give your legs’ muscle the same workout.


2. The human navel or simply called “belly button” is home to thousands of flourishing bacteria to an extent they form an ecosystem equivalent to the size of an entire rain forest.


3. In your lifetime you will produce about 25,000 quarts of spit, which is enough to fill up two swimming pools.


4. The human nose can remember up to 50,000 scents registering its database to the brain!


5. Did you know that our red blood cells can travel through our entire body in just 20 seconds? Now that’s speed in a maze!


6. The human eyes is so keen and sensitive that if the Earth were flat, we could see a candle light from about 30 miles away.


7. Roughly 90% of our cells are not human in origin. Our cells originate mostly from fungi and bacteria. Now isn’t that in-human?


8. Our muscles are more powerful than we were used to believe. Its strength is limited to protect our tendons and muscles from harming themselves but on andrenaline rush, that limitation is broken by which some peopele were able to lift cars! Super-huma


9. We humans, typically the adult is made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms. So atomic indeed!


10. Our eyes can distinguish up to 10 million different colors and take in more information than any telescope.


11. We are the best long distance runners on the planet, so much so that we used to run after our prey until they died from exhaustion.


12. Our bodies actually glow in the dark, but the light we emit is 1,000 times weaker than what our eyes can detect.


13. Perhaps it’s hard to believe but babies have 60 more bones than adults do.


14. Do you know the cheapest form you can have the stimulant amphetamine without going through over-the-counter? Boy, you can have it by being in love. Being in love causes the brain to release the same neurotransmitters and hormones that are released


15. We share 50% of our DNA with bananas. Now does that give you a clue about monkeys?


16. The human brain can produce electricity enough to power up a lightbulb.


17. Human’s average lifespan is spent on about 10% on waking life with the human eyes closed from blinking.


18. The strongest muscle in the human body is our jaw muscle, the masseter.


19. BlueGene, the worlds most powerful supercomputer can only come up to roughly about 0.002 % of what the human brains can process or do calculations.


20. The human body produces about 25 million new cells each second. In every 13 seconds we could have produced more cells than there are people in the United States alone!


21. The human brains can register up to 1,000 words per minute! That means that is how fast you can actually read in a minute!




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