Strangers Show Kindness To Dog Who Refuses To Leave The Spot Where He Was Abandoned

When a dog was dumped on the side of the road, the four-legged loyal friend waited for days for his guardian to return. Sadly, the abandoned dog was never picked up again by his former family. According to a post by this Imgur user, the dog is so devoted to his human guardian, that he wouldn’t go near any other person and has been patiently waiting on the street for his keeper to return. Sadly, he remains alone. However, that hasn’t stopped some kind-hearted people from doing whatever they can to help the poor pup.

The abandoned dog awaits his guardian’s return.

Out of loyalty and possibly fear, the dog refuses to be picked up by other humans.

Even the rain doesn’t keep him from his look-out post.

But soon, kind strangers started to do something amazing for this sweet, heartbroken dog.

Bringing him food, water, and shelter until he is ready to trust another human. 

He continues to wait for the person who left him

While we don’t know the exact circumstances of where this loyal dog is, or if he has been rescued, we do know that he is one of millions of homeless animals living on the streets. The kindness that these people have shown him is truly remarkable, and we hope that he will learn to love and trust people enough again to find a forever home.