Stranger Pays $1000 Electrical Bill So Teen With Muscular Dystrophy Can Stay On Life Support


When Christy Stone had to call 911 because her power was cut off, she knew help was desperately needed.

Her 18-year-old son, Troy Stone, depends on an electrically powered ventilator to stay alive, and when her power was disconnected, Troy quickly needed to be taken to a hospital.

The Stones have five kids, and two of their children have muscular dystrophy, which amounts to expensive medical bills.

When Christy could no longer keep up with all of the costs, their electricity was cut, putting Troy’s life at risk and creating a stressful situation.

“The batteries only last a few hours on both of [the ventilators],” Christy explained, which meant the family had to take Troy to the hospital in order to keep him alive.

It was during this time of need that a local firefighter stepped up to help in an incredible act of generosity.

Firefighter Ryan McCuen answered Christy Stone’s 911 emergency call that day, and upon hearing her situation, he knew he had to help.

“When she explained the unpaid bill, her family’s situation and how she didn’t know what to do, it was a no-brainer for me,” McCuen explained.

Between leaving work early to visit their son in the hospital and having wages cut at work, the Stones were going through a tough financial situation.

“We’ve been going through a lot [with him being in the hospital] and we got behind on a lot of stuff,” Christy said.

Thanks to the generous donation from McCuen, the family’s power was back on just 20 minutes after the 911 call, and Troy was able to return home hours later.


Troy’s mom shared with ABC News that she was “in complete shock” by the generous donation and gave the firefighter a big hug after finding out about his thoughtful gift.

It was an incredible act of kindness that helped save Troy’s life — all from a complete stranger.