Strange Video Emerges of Man Appearing To Be Escorted By SWAT During Vegas Shooting

The Plot Thickens?

In one of the more rarer videos from that gruesome night, a man in a basketball jersey appears to be escorted out of the Tropicana hotel by SWAT during the Las Vegas shooting last Sunday.

Can this be a plain clothes officer?  Is this a high-stakes gambler?  Many who work for Vegas casinos have said that a high-roller would never be escorted the way this man did.  Many people were told to keep their hands up as they strolled through the casino floor armed with AR-15’s before they all peeled off to the side exit.

Very strange indeed.

Some conspiracy theorists are suggesting that this was Stephen Paddock’s brother, however judging by the type of modernist clothes this man was wearing,  it appears to be someone else entirely.  The stranger thing is that this took place at the Tropicana hotel, not the Mandalay bay.  The Tropicana sits on the other side of the strip across from Mandalay Bay, but in the direct line of the Route 91 festival as well.

Unfortunately this is another one of those things where the reader will have to use their imaginations, I’m sure those hollywood minds will come up with something until we know for sure…