Spray This Simple 3 Ingredient Oil On Your Feet 10 Minutes Before Bed And Watch What Happens

I found this great recipe for an essential oils Sleepytime Spray – a safe, effective, and really nice-smelling sleep inducer. A quick spray on the soles of my feet and I’m out cold – and it even works for kids! 

Remember sleep? I mean a Good Night’s Sleep. I’ve capitalized it because it’s important. But we often overlook a Good Night’s Sleep, and many of you (myself included) may not have gotten A Good Night’s Sleep in some time.

What does it even mean anyway? And more importantly – how do I get one?

A Good Night’s Sleep means 8 hours of shut-eye. There are tips and tricks on how to fall asleep – everything from Himalayan salt rock lamps to feng shui to dropping the temperature in your bedroom to a below-comfortable level.

Not Just A Good Night’s Sleep

You need 8 hours every night. Every night. EVERY. NIGHT. There – I’ve said it. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s flip to the next chapter: how to achieve this 8 hours of sleep using essential oils.
I’m guessing you’ve got some knowledge of essential oils, if so just skip this next part where I discuss the essentials of some essential oils (EO). The EOs you’ll need to make the 3-ingredient sleep spray are: Magnesium, Lavender, and Chamomile.


If you’re a gardener, tea-drinker, or just a great person that peruses Healthy Holistic Living daily, you’ll know about chamomile. It is a calming herb which, when brewed into tea, helps the drinker relax. As an EO chamomile is a potent and helpful sleep inducer.


Lavender is another lovely flower as well as a calming, relaxing herb. In oil format, it is what we would consider “extremely potent” – sometimes a few drops on a pillowcase is enough. Most people use diluted lavender EO and, because of its potency, don’t use it for kids.


Here at Healthy Holistic Living we’ve been talking a lot about magnesium lately: its internal and external uses and what that means for your digestion, cramps, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Magnesium EO can often make your skin tingle, especially if you’re magnesium-deficient, so the tough skin on your feet is a good place to apply magnesium EO. While not technically an “oil”, magnesium essential oil is called oil because of the look and feel – you can buy it (easier) or make it at home (cost-effective).

Why Foot Spray?

Foot baths are super-effective detoxes. With bentonite clay and water, for example, a simple foot bath can be prepared wherein you “literally see the toxins coming out of your feet”. Dubious, I know, but after soaking your feet the water turns dark and you feel a lot better. Even if it’s just a “placebo effect” it works quite nicely.

Your feet have the biggest and most pores of any place on your body, making them the perfect place to absorb much needed magnesium and oils which benefit your whole body. Your feet also have connections to the rest of your body – through touching specific points in your feet, you will do wonders for specific parts of your body.

Homemade Sleepytime Foot Spray

(Thanks to Wellness Mama)


  • 4 ounces of magnesium oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Roman Chamomile Essential oil**Roman Chamomile EO is more relaxing, while German Chamomile EO is a better anti-inflammatory.


Pour the ingredients into a 4 ounce (or larger) glass spray bottle. Cover and shake gently to mix the oils thoroughly. This will yield 24-48 applications.

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