Something Unexpectedly Terrifying Happens Every Time You Get An MRI

MRI stands for “magnetic resonance imaging,” and is a helpful device in the medical community. MRIs aid in the investigation of patients’ anatomies, using magnetic fields and radio waves to see through skin and bone.

If you’ve ever had a scan, you know that when the doctor hands you the results, the image you see looks horrifying. It almost makes you want to ask, “Doctor, is there a demon inside of me?” Below are some of the creepiest MRI scans people felt they really needed to share with the Internet.

This looks like a malignant spirit, but it’s actually just a human being who went through an MRI machine.


This is a child’s head. All the cute little children of the world secretly look like this.

You can tell here that this person has proptosis, a condition that causes the eyes to be too far forward.

This guy took his MRIs and graciously 3D rendered them for us, adding another dimension of horror.


This is what the whole body looks like as it goes through an MRI machine, from head to toe.



When you put fruits and vegetables through the machine, they look like trippy, psychedelic freak outs. Check out this groovy banana!


Broccoli, baby!


And a tomato!



There’s something about these faces coming out of the dark that make them look like great heavy metal album covers. I seriously don’t think there’s anything more metal than a MRI scan of a sinus infection at this point.