Soldiers and Pets Who Became Best Friends Overseas

War is hell, and the soldiers that fight it are just people – they need love too. The animals stranded in dangerous warzones and the soldiers that fight in them gravitate towards each other because they need each other – the soldiers can rescue animals that would otherwise remain homeless, while the animals provide soldiers with some much-needed love and therapy.

Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor Feeding An Orphaned Kitten. He Adopted The Kitten After The Mother Cat Died From The War.

Stray Kitten Sleeping On My Buddy, Afghanistan 2009

 My Shy Friend In Afghanistan

Soldier Carries A Kitty

 Marines Give Breakfast To Stray Puppy

 My Little Buddy Over Seas

Soldier And His Best Friends

Soldier With His Rescued Puppy

My Friend Rescuing A Dog In The Streets Of Afghanistan

The Cutest Cell Phone Ever

Marine Carries His Partner Back To The Kennels After A Grueling Two-hour Search

Soldier With His Dog

 A French Soldier Feeding His Kitten During The Vietnam War

 A Dog Saying Goodbye To His Soldier Friend

 When I Was In Iraq, We Had A Pet Donkey

 Russian Soldiers Of WWII Sleeping With Puppy

One Of Our Adopted Puppies Used To Hide Anywhere He Could To Stay Out Of The Heat

 Found These Kittens In Afghanistan

 Soldier Feeding Puppies In Need

 Soldier And A Kitty

 Tired Soldier And A Puppy

This Little Guy Kept Us Company On A Mountaintop North Of Kabul, Afghanistan

 Dog Kissing A Soldier

 Tough Soldier With His Kitty

 My Brother In Yemen Holding Two Adorable Puppies

Idf Soldier With Her Dog

Soldier Feeding A Kitty


Soldier With His Pup

 In Afghanistan With A Friendly Pooch

Soldier With A Dog

Meet Wojtek, The One And Only Bear Private During WWII