Snake Man Escapes Jail Cell Through Food Window

If I got locked away in a police cell, you can bet your arse that I would sit in the corner while crying and rocking back and forth. This is why I’m not a criminal.


However, this guy thought: ‘nah, fuck this. I’m getting out of this’, and get out of this he did.


Rustam Shakhrutdinov, 25, managed to miraculously escape from his prison cell in southern Russia by wriggling through a window intended for food delivery. You know them little tiny things that people always seem to slam shut in police dramas? Honestly, this is some next level Houdini shit.


He’d allegedly been locked up after being accused of robbery. Well, that’s according to Russian media. He’s now been named ‘snake man’ and after watching this CCTV footage you can really see why.


The CCTV footage was uploaded to YouTube by SportsAndNews, a Russian video channel. It has racked up an impressive 200,000 views.

I’m still in absolute disbelief at this video. There’s so many unanswered questions. Has he squeezed through a gap that small before? Is this the first time he’s chanced it? Why was the food flap left open? I just don’t know anymore.

After escaping the cell (and flashing his bare arse in the process) he proceeded to pop his clothes back on and stroll off. It’s unknown whether or not he managed to walk out of the police station without anyone asking any questions, or if he’s since been re-arrested. I’m assuming the latter.

All we know is that we’re not even mad. That shit is impressive.

Final note, I’d advise against trying this if you ever end up in a police cell. It just doesn’t seem like something that would work out for the majority of us.