Smartphone Records Its 1,000ft Fall From A Plane

Cell phones have certainly come a long way. Over the years they have not only gotten smaller and more efficient but evidently, they are more durable as well.

When Nashville resident, Blake Henderson was caught up in filming the ground below while he was a passenger in an airplane, his Samsung Galaxy S5 was allegedly sucked from his hand. It then supposedly fell 1,000 feet to the ground below. And miraculously, the phone is said to have survived and there is evidence to prove it, as the phone was still on record as it made its journey to the earth.

Henderson’s nephew, Ryan, said that the plane had undergone severe turbulence while it was following a JN-4 Jenny bi-plane which is a fixed-wing aircraft that has two main wings stacked on top of each other. This can be viewed at the beginning of the video. And then the video cuts to the sky and ground spinning rapidly as the phone is falling to the ground.

As luck would have it, the phone was dropped into the yard of a family who was determined to find the owner. As two men are gardening, one of them notices the phone on the ground and assumes it belongs to the other man. The conversation, which is rather funny, goes like this…

“Here’s your phone,” one man says.

“Whoa, how the hell did it get down there? This ain’t my phone,” says the other guy.

“Oh, it ain’t?”

“Nah, mine’s in my pocket.”

“It’s got recording on, too,” says the first guy.

The phone manages to pick up on the voices perfectly and it has a crystal clear picture even after it falls to the ground from such a high altitude.

Ryan posted the video online and it didn’t take long for commenters to claim the incident as “fake,” however; Ryan is set on proving to the world that this really happened and this phone survived.

In response to the naysayers, Ryan said…

“If I weren’t the one who posted I would completely agree. The only reason I mentioned the type of phone was because I was asked, so I hope that means something bud.”

And others pointed out the possibilities of the flying phone…

“OMG what if the phone hit the guy mowing the lawn in the head.”

“Are you sure it was a Samsung and not an old school Nokia?”

Some commenters used their physics skills and discussed the fall…

“Terminal Velocity is the key here. ‘the constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it is falling prevents further acceleration.”

“Terminal velocity, in this case, would have been around 195 km/h IMO, it would still do a lot of damage. The Kinetic energy of the phone would be 140 joules..”

After the video went viral, the phone was returned to its owner, thanks to the help of the cell phone company. It looks like this phone has nine lives and it appears to be in good condition.




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