Skeleton On Ancient Mosaic: ‘YOLO’ – “Enjoy Your Life”

‘Be cheerful, enjoy life,’ reads inscription on 2,400-year-old dining room floor found in southern Turkey


Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient mosaic featuring a reclining skeleton holding a drink with the inscription in Greek: “Be cheerful, enjoy life,” Turkey’s state-run news agency said.

Anadolu Agency said Friday the mosaic was discovered during excavations in the Syrian border province of Hatay — ancient Antioch — which boasts Turkey’s largest collection of ancient mosaics.

Described as a “reckless skeleton” for his YOLO-inciting philosophies, the mosaic was excavated, where the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antiocheia once thrived. It was found alongside two other tiled scenes, which likely adorned the dining room of an upper class home during the 3rd century BC, archaeologists from the Hatay Archaeology Museum suggest.

Anadolu said the floor mosaic, dating from the third century BCE, is believed to have decorated the dining area of a home. The skeleton, featured on a black background, is surrounded by bread and an amphora.


One of the archaeologists behind the discovery, Demet Kara from the Hatay Archaeology Museum, told the Hurriyet Daily News that the three scenes depict two things that the Roman elite took very seriously: baths and dinner.

Turns out, casual skeletons were a meme long before the internet was around to celebrate their spooky dances, trumpeting skills, blendability (someone get him out of there!), and slow reaction times on messaging boards. Thousands of years ago, rich people thought skeletons were hilarious too.


This is not the first skeleton mosaic that’s been dated to around this period – a similar one has been uncovered in Pompeii, Italy depicting a skeleton holding two pitchers because he’s clearly ready to party.


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