Six Ways To Naturally Cleanse Fluoride Out of Your Body

Around 69% of American citizens are receiving fluoridated tap water. With those numbers, it is important to know how to remove the fluoride from your body.

“Although fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in animal models, and acute fluoride poisoning causes neurotoxicity in adults, very little is known of its effects on children’s neurodevelopment. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies to investigate the effects of increased fluoride exposure and delayed neurobehavioral development…children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas…The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment [1].”

Research published by the Indian Journal of Pediatrics found thousands of cases of severe skeletal fluorosis in children due to the cumulative effects of fluoridated water [2]. Another report by Scientific American “ concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid—the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism” .

There are many natural ways to remove fluoride from the body that will keep you healthy and vibrant.

  1. Get Adequate Iodine

Iodine is an important element for the normal metabolism of cells, especially thyroid hormones. It will push the fluoride from your body via urine. Some good sources of iodine: Cranberries, organic yogurt, potatoes, organic strawberries, and organic beans.

  1. Boron

Boron is a natural element and will help to flush out the fluoride. Some boron-rich foods: most nuts, dates, prunes, honey, broccoli, bananas, avocado. You can also mix 1/32 of a teaspoon in a quart of distilled water and sip it throughout the day.

  1. Selenium

Selenium is one nutrient that oftentimes is the first answer given to those seeking to combat the existence of sodium fluoride in their bodies. As FoodConsumer reports, selenium has actually been found to help block the effects of fluoride as well as fluoride elimination. A great natural source of selenium is Brazil nuts but is important to keep your intake in balance. I don’t recommend you start eating handfuls of Brazil nuts. Many in the field of natural health recommend a dose of 100 to 200 micrograms, though this does fall below the National Institute of Health’s ‘upper limit’ of 400 micrograms.

  1. Tamarind

Have you ever heard of tamarind? It’s a staple in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine system, which is considered to be the ‘mother’ of natural medicine. In addition to yielding delicious teas when added to your favorite tea beverage, tamarind also helps expel fluoride through the urine.

  1. Dry Saunas

Intense but safe sweating from the heat, as well as exercise, brings out sodium fluoride from fatty tissues. Just be sure to keep hydrating—with distilled water—and to protect your kidneys with chickweed tea. As with any kind of detox, use caution and go to the pace that feels good for you and your body. In addition to detoxing the fluoride out, you can also limit the amount of fluoride coming in by investing in a water system that filters out fluoride, such as a reverse osmosis water system. As you incorporate any fluoride treatment, and the fluoride leaves your system, you’ll experience overall health improvements, and you’ll never look at the faucet the same way again.


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