Site and Apps Security Audit

In the digital world, data security and safety are the most important points. Sometimes, digital product owners decide to save money on security checks, mistakenly believing that cybercriminals on the network can only be interested in popular sites or apps. However, it turns out that even such projects can catch the eye of fraudsters on the Internet, and can be used to achieve their goals, if the owner didn’t take care of protection from unauthorized entry.

To understand which aspects and components of the product need to be fixed, modified or improved, the security testing service is used for ethereum contracts and web services checking as well as android pentesting services are used for mobile apps security testing. A detailed check identifies all potential vulnerabilities and critical errors, and helps to draw up a detailed plan for fixing them.

Why Does Any Digital Product Need an Audit?

Security testing of sites and web applications is necessary to correct errors in a timely manner and to ensure that the product can successfully compete in the market. As for ethereum smart contract audit it is needed every time you want to make a secure deal with your partner. So if all vulnerabilities are found and fixed in time, the safety of all data will be ensured.

What will happen if there are mistakes at a wesite?

· The site or web application will stop working.

· Customers’ payment details can be compromised.

· A site with serious vulnerabilities runs the risk of being blocked from the hoster.

· Profits fall, expenses rise, mistakes become difficult to correct.

The cost of a mistake is too high, especially considering how much effort and time it takes to launch a finished product.

How Does the Hacken Service Work?

The service is an automated pool of tools designed for a comprehensive audit of sites, web applications, smart contracts and so on. You don’t need to look for android pentesting services as well due to the fact that would help to check the Android apps safety.

As a result a detailed list of future work is drawn up. Upon completion of the check, the service generates an understandable document with a list of errors. Problematic sections of the code are sorted by their severity level, so that you understand which problems need to be fixed first. In addition, you will receive useful advice on how to properly eliminate vulnerabilities, and how to build the most reliable protection for your product.