Single Mom of Three Tired of Being Homeless. With Only $1.75 Left to Name, Cries Out To Heaven

Vanessa Howard hasn’t had an easy life. As a teenager, she became pregnant with her first child.

Hoping to give her child a better life, she left her home in search of something better. As the years went by, Howard and her three children struggled to survive.

Dealing with homelessness was a major battle for the family. At one point, with only $1.75 to her name, Howard cried out to God for help.

“I was tired of being homeless, tired of being alone and prayed for help,” she said. God heard her prayers, and provided Howard with a place to live.

The landlord felt called to let Howard live in the apartment with her kids, and that help inspired her. She would never forget the kindness shown to her by that landlord.

Howard started working in beauty salons to provide for her family. After years of practice, she opened her own salon four years ago.

The salon was named Giving Hands Hair Salon. Howard uses it as a way to give back to her community.

One Sunday each month, Howard opens up the salon. She provides free haircuts, facials, and manicures to homeless women looking for a second chance.

“I know the struggle. That’s why I give so hard. I’m looking to help restore women. I’m looking to help restore children, because, again, that pain is a part of my purpose,” said Howard.

For the month of August, the salon aimed their focus towards young girls going back to school. They even bought uniforms and school supplies for the homeless girls.

Though Howard is grateful for where she is now, she is thankful for what she has experienced. “I believe everything we go through we go through for purpose. I truly believe that nothing happens by coincidence,” she said. Her drive and generosity is inspiring to all.