Sinead O’Connor Exposes Horrific Child Torture Chamber on Dr Phil Show

Sinead O’Connor has given an extremely rare interview on the popular US TV show Dr.Phil, exposing a ‘child torture chamber’ and historical child abuse which ultimately led to her depression.

 In the rare interview Sinead, 50, says she was “glad” her mother was dead after claiming she suffered massive abuse at her hands.

In the interview, Sinead explains: “I am fed up of being defined as the crazy person or the child abuse survivor.”She [her mother] ran a torture chamber. She was a person who took delight in hurting you.”

The Irish singer, who had a suicidal breakdown after she exposed a Catholic Church pedophile ring, admitted she had tried to take her life eight times in just one year.

Last month the Grammy award winning singer released a harrowing 12-minute viral video saying she is ‘suicidal’ and ‘alone’ living in fear in a motel in New Jersey.

The Irish singer, who had a suicidal breakdown after she exposed a Catholic Church pedophile ring.

The Express reports: When asked what she loved about her mother, who died in a car crash when Sinead was 19, she replied: “That she’s dead.”

The Grammy Award winner admitted that she attempted to take her own life eight times in just one year and plans to change her name, saying: “Sinead O’Connor’s gone, that person’s dead.”

The singer will also address why she keeps her hair cut short and why she feels like an “imposter” after she topped charts worldwide with her hit song, that is allegedly an ode to her late mother.

Dr Phil, 67, explained earlier this week on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that Sinead came to him for help, adding that she wants to be an example for other people suffering from mental health problems.

The TV psychologist said: “This season we’re launching with a really interesting interview with Sinead O’Connor. She actually called me.”

You’ve seen her videos she’s posted on Facebook from motel rooms in New Jersey. She’s really had a difficult time.”He added that she wants to “destigmatize mental illness” through her appearance on his show.

The Irish Sun reports that Sinead is currently receiving treatment at a center that was recommended by Dr. Phil and his team.