Signs of A Great BBQ Restaurant

Having great food served at the dining table is every individual’s right, and having access to
nutritious food is crucial to a person’s overall health and lifestyle. While taking raw fruits and
vegetables tastes good and manageable, some foods that are cooked taste even better with their
deepened flavors.

Barbecues, a timeless favorite, have earned their spot in everyone’s hearts and
stomachs with their smoking, tender meat that melts in the mouth, bursting with flavor.
But with numerous barbecue restaurants near your place, how can you choose one that will
satisfy your cravings? Check out these signs of knowing a great BBQ place that will make your
dining experience worthy and more memorable:

Menus Featuring the BBQ Classics

Every diner has their own trademarks and specialties, but great barbecue restaurants always serve
classic barbecue dishes and sides. Great barbecue places, like Dinosaur BBQ, usually serve
classic barbecue dishes so people can appreciate authentic barbecue favorites around the globe.
Of course, restaurants can still experiment on new recipes that are unfamiliar to the palate, or
they create dishes catering to the native preferences of their location.

Classic hearty dishes include ribs, pulled pork, brisket, original barbeque sauces accompanied
with side dishes such as coleslaw, mac and cheese, savory greens, corn cakes, and baked beans.
Great barbeque diners will never miss serving these classics.

Tricky Briskets Perfectly Cooked

Properly and evenly cooked briskets can be quite a challenge to some barbecue restaurants, as it
is a struggle to find the perfect tenderness in the cut of the meat. Briskets are cut into pieces
where the grain runs in two directions, plus it turns tender almost twice as long as other kinds of
meat. If you happen to eat at a barbecue restaurant and order a brisket, get a piece and pull the
meat. If it has the perfect elasticity and tenderness, then you’re definitely in the right barbeque

Crispy Yet Evenly Cooked Ribs

This simple but mouthwatering delicacy comes in different varieties depending on the region.
However, there’s always a standard criterion that must be met by great barbecue restaurants: ribs
that have tender, pinkish meat on the inside plus a crispy, caramelized exterior. Since barbeque
ribs are cut from the leanest parts of pork, it is expected to have the tenderness that melts slowly in the mouth. Meat that is falling off the bone is a big no-no, which indicates the restaurant’s
style of overcooking the meat. Ribs should be crispy enough but still evenly cooked.

Also, be observant of the type of meat used and how it is cut. This way, you as a customer can
really evaluate how fine the meat was cut and if it suits the flavor. The most common type of
meat used in barbecue ribs are pork and beef. While pork has a milder flavor and is more
responsive to different sauces, beef is quite its opposite. Beef has a bolder tang and is more
difficult to cook. Other meats that also deserve the hype are goat and lamb ribs, which can be
healthier options.

The Sight and Smell of the Smoker

Upon entering the restaurant, the best tip to see if they serve fresh barbeque everyday is if you
see the smoker blowing in front of the restaurant or getting a whiff of the smoker’s aroma. Some
diners take their customers for a fool by serving leftovers from the other day, with extremely dry
and unappealing meat reheated into the oven or grill for a small time.

Some restaurant owners tend to position their smokers behind the establishment to avoid
unwanted eyes that might take advantage of knowing their secret recipes. However, be wary of a
restaurant concealing their smokers in places where customers can’t see or smell it. If you come
across a barbecue restaurant with this kind of setup, then you’re likely in the wrong place.

Sauce is Not in Excess

Dipping your barbecue with barbecue sauce tastes wonderful, as it’s always the best
combination. However, great barbecue restaurants won’t serve you with barbecue drowning and
dripping with sauce. This can raise many suspicions which may indicate that they’re trying to
cover something up about their dish. Serving an excess of barbeque sauce might be due to the
dry meat, which can be unbearable without any sauce. It can also mean that the meat may be too
bland and unpleasant without the sauce. A good barbecue place should serve you the meat
together with the sauce on the side, or you can politely ask them to.

The Bottom Line

Today, finding authentic fresh meat is a struggle when you need to serve them every day at the
dining table. Restaurants that are serving you food without you seeing their kitchen may perform
many tricks and alterations to cover up their incompetence as dining places. This can happen at
many restaurants, and barbecue places are no exception. Thus, when searching for the best
barbecue place, you can watch out for these signs to evaluate and observe if the price you’re
paying for is worth it with their good food and memorable experiences.


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