Shocking Moment Man Opens His Car Door Only To Find This Inside

Sometimes people can find very unexpected things in their car having left it open.

However, one man found out the hard way just what can happen.

A viral video shows the man attempting to open his car and to his shock finding these jump out of it.

Whilst the location is unknown, it is very unlikely to be in the UK.

The video shows a topless man attempting to open the door of his car.

He tentatively walks up and tried to pull the handle open.

He fails to do so after running off and then tries on the second attempt.

This time he succeeds, and as he runs away again, a hoard of food falls out of the door, followed by two bear cubs which leap and run off camera.

One guy wrote: “This guy is ballsy as f***. I would have tied a rope to the door handle.”

Others couldn’t resist a pun for the scary situation.

They commented: “That guy did his best to handle a grizzly situation.”

It’s not the first time that a terrifying close shave with a bear was caught on camera.

One man was filming his quick descent down a forest path on a bike with his buddy.

However, as he turns the corner he comes face to face with a charging bear.

What happens next will scare anyone.


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