She Was The First Woman In History Who Gave Birth To Octuplets – See How They Look Like Now

Nataly Sulman in 2009 gave birth to octuplets, which was shocking news for America because it was before that happened only once. All babies are born alive.

Natalie’s doctor, Dr. Kamrava, implanted 12 embryos in her uterus, who has later lost his license. Mainly are transplanted 2-3 embryos.

At that time, Nataly, who was divorced, had six children who lived with her.

The names of the octuplet are: Noah, Mali, Isaiah, Narya, John, Makai, Josiah and Jeremiah

Nataly has decided to fight for her 14 children. She was planning to return to school herself and financially secure her children without the help of the public.

“I know that I will be able to afford all of them when I finish school. If I just sit and watch TV, doing nothing to provide a better future for my children, I’d consider that selfish.” – she explained.

Several times Nataly appeared in public in order to achieve financial gain, and signed a contract on their own reality show. Unfortunately, the show was never realized.

You have to admit it’s beautiful to watch these octuplets to grow in front of your eyes!

Recently octuplets celebrated their eighth birthday and it seems that they had a fun!

They have to spend their days eating vegan pizza and cake and spend time in kindergarten

It seems that this was a very fun birthday party!

Nataly now lives in a small house with three bedrooms near Los Angeles with fourteen children.

Having a child is a very big challenge, but we believe it is now easier for Nataly as the children are a little grown up and become more responsible.

Not to mention that there is no need for changing nappies.

We are glad that her family is going well and that everything is all right with them!