She Took Squat Breaks At Work Every Day For A Month, Here’s What Happened

There’s a bunch of stuff you can do during your breaks if you’re not a gym person.


Her usual “strength training” consists of half-heartedly doing crunches after an easy run or hauling a dangerously full basket of groceries around the store because she refuse to push a cart.

When she recently came down with her first-ever case of runner’s knee, though, she learned that muscle weaknesses in the hips and glutes could be partly to blame for the nagging pain.

This forced running hiatus seemed like the perfect time to try another workday workout experiment,


She set out to strengthen my derriere desk-side. Here is the plan she devised:

Week 1: 20 squats, 2x a day
Week 2: 25 squats, 2x a day
Week 3: 30 squats, 2x a day
Week 4: 35 squats, 2x a day

With daily reminders set for 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM, she got down to it—literally. Here’s what happened during her month of squats.

Regular bodyweight squats and sumo squats she had down, but beyond that she felt pretty clueless, not to mention afraid of doing bodily damage. After one boring week of the same-old squats, she searched for fresh moves to round out my routine.

She learned that single-leg (or pistol) squats are really difficult to bend deeply into, that rear foot elevated split squats with a rolling desk chair aren’t wise, and that jump squats are super fun but a little awkward to do in an office when you’re worried about coworkers peering in.

She discovered her weak spots,she expected her rear and quads to be sore, but she was surprised by other muscle groups the squats awakened. Sumo squats in particular pointed out how weak and inflexible her inner thighs and hip flexors are.

She got used to a comfortable soreness in my hips throughout the course of this challenge.

#3 She pushed herself to go lower

She stated “Even more anxiety-inducing than the fear of being seen doing squats in my office was the fear of being seen taking pictures of myself doing squats in my office (with the help of a spare office chair, a shoe box, and my iPhone’s camera timer, if you were wondering)”

She said “Doing 20 squats per break of Week 1 didn’t feel so repetitive, but doing 35 per break of Week 4 (70 a day!)

To beat the boredom, I split those 35 into smaller sets of different variations there are only so many single-leg squats I can do anyway, and that is to say, very few.”

#4 She gained confidence and felt stronger

By the final week, she didn’t worry so much about my form because she finally had the hang of things.She began toying with the idea of going to a gym and adding weights, something she’d never considered before because gyms make her extremely self-conscious.

She said”Although my runner’s knee pain persists, it did lessen up a bit—possibly just from a few weeks of rest, but a part of me thinks the squats helped.”