She Puts On a Rubber Band Around Two Toes Every Morning – This Will Save Any Woman’s Day

Ladies know how some tricks to beauty may sound really strange, but if it works, it’s not so important.

If you want to wear high heels than probably you feel pain and discomfort while walking. But then again wearing high heels gives your body completely new appearance and shape.

High heels have been a sign of elegance for every woman since they were invented for the first time. They make the legs look longer and with that make woman feel better. We are sure that you also feel sexy and seductive when you are wearing high heels, but have you ever wondered how they affect your body and health?


Some researchers have found that there is a nerve between third and fourth toe that causes pain when you are wearing high heels. This woman will give you 6 tricks how to remove that pain.

Simply wrap the third and fourth toe with an adhesive tape or rubber band. When we walk nerves are separated, and there lies the cause of the pain.

The tape prevents the separation of the two fingers when walking, thus preventing irritation of the nerves in the area, as well as pain in the sole.