Sexual Parasites – What We Consume and The Partners We Choose

Before becoming sexually involved with someone it is very important to get tested for STD’s but it is even more important to know the health habits of your mate. Why? Beyond STD’s parasites are transferred through physical contact and can cause serious health concerns because the body is exposed to new types of parasites. If one person is a vegan and the other person consumes different meat products both people will have parasites but meat eaters having higher incidences of parasites can transfer harmful bacteria to their healthy partner through sexual contact.

These parasites mate, lay eggs, and grow throughout the body causing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, infections, diabetes, and many more. Certain products such as pork products contain parasites that grow and affect the brain cells causing very serious illness so when intimately involved with a person who consumes pig products you too become contaminated with the Trichina Worm which is found in all pig products whether it is cooked well or not.

Parasitic infection is extremely common and most everyone has some.  Most people have Lyme spirochetes, liver flukes, trichina cysts or worms, and often others, as well.  This is more likely if you work around the soil, are not that clean in your living and sexual habits, travel the world, eat pork, ham or bacon, or live in Lyme-infected areas such as the East and West coast of the USA, and the mid-west as well.

Places where one finds the highest rate of parasitic infection tend to be in the tropics, and in nations with less cleanliness, and especially those where clean water is not readily available.  They are also more common where people walk barefoot or work barefoot or in water, such as in rice paddies in Asia.  However, parasites are everywhere, and not that easy to avoid.

In so-called healthy people, the degree of infection is not severe, so there are few if any symptoms, and the parasitic infection does not affect the person very much.” Lawrence Wilson, MD.

 Casual Sex – Is the worst sexual practice which means a person is inclined to more parasitic bacteria and disease. Spreading germs through sexual contact causes infections such as chlamydia and many other diseases and viruses. There is an old saying when a person has sex with someone they take a piece of that person. This is very true but the pieces being taking looks like this. You are taking in what they eat and everyone they sleep with.

Anal, homosexual, kinky, and oral sex

For religious folks sodomy is forbidden and for everyone one else including religious people it is highly unhealthy. Anal canals contain the most harmful diseases because it is an area where waste is eliminated and should not be tampered with. Having anal sex is similar to sticking ones hand in a barrel of toxic waste accumulated by foods and other chemicals, except it is sticking or receiving ones genitals in a pool of toxic human waste.  That is why homosexual anal intercourse has been linked to a swarm of bacterial and parasitical sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. “Proctitis and Proctocolitis are inflammations of the rectum and colon that cause pain, bloody rectal discharge and rectal spasms. Proctitis is associated with STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and syphilis that are widespread among homosexuals.” Timothy Dailey PH.D. This also applies to heterosexual couples who engage in kinky and oral sex. Sperm carries parasites in both male and females.

Monogamy is key, marriage is a plus, and choosing a healthy partner is a must.