Sexual Health and the Aging Male

If you do not want to feel the influence of age changes on your sexual activity, it is necessary to provide a sexual health enhancement. In fact, sexual problems due to aging are quite common. When it comes to men over 45, every fifth man has a hormone imbalance and complains about changes in his sexual life.

More often sexual health and the aging male are influenced by the lowered level of such important hormone as testosterone.

When the testosterone level in the body decreases, people start to feel the following symptoms:

· Low sexual drive

· Erectile dysfunction

· Difficulties with ejaculation

· Irritability

· Depression

· Muscle tone and mass decrease

· Sleep problems

· Sharp weight gain

The decrease of testosterone concentration means that it is necessary to raise it to the desired level. It is quite easy to realize if you chose testosterone replacement therapy which is aimed at the restoration of optimal testosterone concentration in the body.

In the USA one of the most authoritative centers, which provide testosterone treatment, is Renew Vitality Testosterone Clinic In addition, the clinic offers other hormone therapies, which are based on HGH and sermorelin injections.

All hormone treatment programs provided by the Renew Vitality Testosterone Clinic are considered to be effective therapies. Thus, patients of the clinic get a chance to receive the following results:

· Restoration of sexual activity (libido increase, relationship and intimacy issues subside)

· Improvement of the appearance (weight loss, improvement of hair, skin, and nail condition)

· Replenishment of energy resources

· Enhancement of physical form (muscle mass building, muscle tone increase)

· Improvement of well-being (lack of frequent mood changes, irritability, depression, fatigue, and other manifestations of low testosterone level)

A treatment plan is elaborated specifically for each patient. Renew Vitality Testosterone Clinic supports an individual approach to every customer because such a policy leads to more effective treatment.