Severely Epileptic Child Finally Granted Cannabis Oil In Ireland, Setting New Precedent

Last week, 11 year old Billy Caldwell arrived back in Ireland after managing to secure legal, full spectrum cannabis oil in his home country. His family took him all the way to Los Angeles, California to pursue cannabis oil: it works like nothing else ever has, to treat his extremely severe “intractable, status epilepsy.”

Charlotte Caldwell, his mother, has been fighting hard for his life since he was “sent home from hospital to die” at the age of 8 months. She didn’t accept the diagnosis, and for 11 years she fought to keep him alive.

The pharmaceuticals never worked well for him. His condition is so severe, sometimes he is put into an induced coma to keep him alive.

According to the Irish Sun:

“He recently suffered a devastating set back and was placed in an induced coma after he suffered an extreme seizure. The cost of his hospital bills almost led to he and his mum becoming homeless in in L.A.

However, their prayers were answered when they were contacted by Irish based Dr. James Linden , of Greenlight Medicine, a highly experienced pharmaceutical professional and scientist.

He among others have worked tirelessly this last number of months to procure CBD/THC that can replace the supplement that Billy has being using successfully in L.A.”

They didn’t know what to do in returning home with the Irish cannabis laws, until a pharmaceutical start-up called GreenLight Medicines was granted permission to “explore the benefits” of cannabis.

They received €500,000 in funds from a consortium of Irish investors to explore CBD oil which is legal in Ireland, but Charlotte managed to get full spectrum cannabis oil containing THC for Billy in specific, setting a precedent for cannabis oil in the country. GreenLight is working with several universities.

To support Billy, you can follow his Facebook page “Keep Billy Alive.”