Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You


Nonetheless, feeling the presence of a spiritual being is one of the most common signs that a guardian angel is close by. But, it’s definitely not the only sign. In fact, there are several clear indications that point to the presence of our guardian angels.

Here are 7 signs your guardian angel is near.

7. Cloud Formations

Have you ever looked into the sky and noticed a strange cloud formation? Some experts believe that our guardian angels communicate with us through the clouds.

Formations such as angel wings, hearts, and flowers are commonly seen by people who observe the heavens. These beautiful signs are often placed right before our eyes. However, it is up to us to believe in the signals that our guardian angels send to us.

6. White Feathers

Finding a white feather in a strange location is one of the clearest signs that our guardian angels are nearby. Angels want you to know that they are close, and white feathers are evidence of their presence. Guardian angels tend to leave behind feathers for us during difficult times.

5. Rainbows Without Rain

Rainbows normally form right after a rain cloud has passed through an area. However, rainbows can sometimes appear out of nowhere. The formation of a rainbow (or a prism) without the presence of rain is another clear sign that a guardian angel is trying to brighten up your day.

4. Noticing Beauty In Nature

Everyone has gone through a tough time at some point. Remember, life is all about overcoming adversity. Our guardian angels know how much we struggle, and that’s why they show up when we need it most.

Our planet is truly beautiful, but sometimes, we can forget to appreciate its wonder. However, guardian angels can easily make you notice something beautiful. This is especially true during sad times. Mother Nature is beautiful, and enjoying the earth allows you to break free from the constraints and pressures of the modern world.

3. Feeling Their Presence

As mentioned above, feeling the presence of a spiritual being is a common sign that a guardian angel is nearby. Believe it or not, feeling that something or someone is nearby could be your guardian angel wrapping you up in their wings. Guardian angels do everything that they can to make us happy. Sometimes, an angel’s gestures are subtle. But, there are times that an angel wants you to know that they are there.

2. Pets and Baby Reactions

Have you ever witnessed your cat or dog staring at nothing? This is a common occurrence for babies and small children as well. This mysterious phenomenon may very well be linked to the presence of guardian angels. Many spiritual experts believe that children and animals are more sensitive to the presence of spiritual beings.

1. Unexpected Abundance

Angels do all they can to make our lives easier. This includes aiding us during times of financial stress or when we are simply in need. Have you ever found yourself wondering how you will pay an important bill only to suddenly have a solution almost fall into your lap? This happens to many people all the time.

Guardian angels will often find a way to shower us in abundance. Not only are we supplied with enough money to survive, but health is often provided by our guardian angels as well. It is up to us however to believe in the power of our guardian angels.

Now that you know the 7 most common signs that your guardian angel is nearby, will you believe in your angel’s power? Or, will you ignore the presence of your guardian angel? Remember, guardian angels are sent here to help us get through difficult times. Do not be afraid of their presence. Instead, embrace your guardian angels, and allow them to work wonders in your life.