Selfie Taken By Russian Woman Clearly Has “Bizarre Creature” In The Background


A bizarre selfie was taken by a Russian business woman named Olesya Podkorytov onboard a jetliner that has social media speculating as to what exactly it might be.

Olesya did not actually notice the very strange looking figure until her photo was uploaded, and then she was inundated with comments pointing out the alien looking figure. She recalls, “I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and comments hit me. Only after that I realized there was a bizarre-looking image of a creature behind me.”

The Daily Mail reports that “Viktor Lunev, commenting on behalf of a Russian aero-center, said: ‘Pilots and stewards are very superstitious and maybe there is a reason… In my experience I have never encountered anything of that kind. Maybe we could explain it with reference to some of the basic laws of physics.’”

The figure can be found in the top right corner of her selfie photo and is quite creepy to say the least. Whether it is an alien, a ghost or just a strange tech error of some sort, all makes for great discussion but that’s all it can ever truly amount to, is discussion since this is not the first, and it will not be the last, of a strange figure being captured in a photo.

What makes the image more interesting though, is for the greater topic of whether or not there are alien beings of some sort among us already, and if the alien presence is one that escapes our limited perception and 5 senses.

Human beings only see a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum that surrounds us, which literally means we only see a fraction of reality. The possibility that there are alien beings (or ghosts, depending on what you would like to label them) of some sort around us at all times, is very real and tangible.

It’s interesting to note that when people are sleeping and experience what is popularly referred to as sleep paralysis, many report seeing strange figures that torment them. It is also interesting to consider that we live in a world that is dominated by stress and fear. Whether it be the mainstream media, or the very concept of work, fear and stress are everywhere. In fact, the most likely time to die of a heart attack is Monday morning.  The system those who rule over us have created is drenched in stress and fear.

Is it possible that these invisible entities thrive off of stress, fear and negative energy?

This is an unconventional outlook since many would like to believe that an “alien” species would want to help us, but if there is a more advanced species, which most researchers would absolutely agree on, why have they not helped us yet? Unless the more advanced species are actually the ones ruling over us.

Still many accounts seem to demonstrate that aliens have stopped humans from engaging in war as vouched for by the likes of high ranking officials such as astronaut Edgar Mitchell and others.

Then there is also the possibility that aliens are already living among us but are hidden in plain sight as former Defense minister of Canada Paul Hellyer claims.

The possibilities are endless but I think most would agree, there is some other presence not far away.