See This Hidden Trap Door In The Ground? Just Wait Til You See What’s Down There

If you fear a nuclear war (or even just the future), then you probably think of a few backup plans for emergencies to protect yourself and your loved ones. You may not have the money to build an all-out zombie fortress, but if you have less than $40k on hand, you’re in luck. If you fear what may happen in the future you don’t have to worry. You can buy yourself a small slice of safety for $36,000.00. The personal bunker would be equipped with an air filtration system, blast door, and under floor storage.

If you want to dedicate a little more money to your fallout shelter, the company offers a deluxe version equipped with sleeping quarters, kitchen, restroom, storage area and a trademark undetectable escape hatch. The shelter you’re seeing being installed is used for customer demonstrations. It’s known as the Texas Training Shelter. These shelters are built by Atlas Survival Shelters.

Once they are in the ground, you’d never guess they are there. Inside, these survival tubes are actually quite roomy. They contain a living area, a bedroom complete with ventilation and generator, a bathroom, a shower and an extra bunk bed. The shelter has solar panels feeding into it to help power the inside. And all of the external pieces are disguised. The bunkers from Atlas Survival Shelters aren’t exactly cheap, but if you’re worried about the human race imploding, they will put your mind at ease. A little.

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